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LeBron James Source: Newsweek

To fans’ imagination, LeBron James could have been in a better mood at present. He would’ve really loved it if the Los Angeles Lakers had reached the finals. The King is 38 at present and at the twilight of his career. But with every season the Lakers miss the chance of making the NBA finals, his chance for a 5th championship ring fades away. It clearly does not make him feel good. Even though the initial plan for James was to wait for his son Bronny to make his NBA debut in 2024. But the humiliating loss in Western Conference Finals perhaps made James rethink his future plans.

In a post-game interview after Game 4 in WCF, LeBron James surprisingly hinted at his retirement. He mentioned, “I have a lot to think about the future…my career…the game of basketball.” This cryptic message signaled a possible retirement announcement. He may actually do it sooner than expected. That’s what the fans are afraid of. Then a week later, LeBron James posted another cryptic Instagram story quoting, “I’m supposed to be number one on everybody’s list. We’ll see when I no longer exist.” Now what does he mean by that?


Fans Know Where LeBron James’ Retirement Drama Is Headed To

(Los Angeles Lakers) Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images
(Los Angeles Lakers) Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Recently, Skip Bayless, one of the biggest haters of Lakers ace LeBron James came out in support of LeBron James. In a tweet, the Undisputed co-host suggested that “LeBron James is suffering from attention deficit disorder. He needs to stay away from social media because the haters will eat him alive.” The man who made a lot of money criticizing King James wants him to stay focused on his career at present. Apparently, fans are blaming LeBron James for trying to keep the spotlight on him even after his team is out of the playoffs. He has been using this type of social media posts since his second stint with Cleveland Cavaliers. Hence, fans are a little bit too familiar with this tactic.

So, viewers know that this drama of the King’s retirement might go on for the whole summer. But what did King James mean when he said, “Number one on everybody’s list?” If he means the GOAT debate, then it is arguable. But if he means in the current era of the NBA, then it is clearly not the majority choice. The top picks for the number one player in the league are Nikola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Denver Nuggets star won back-to-back MVPs in the previous two years. Jokic came second this year to Joel Embiid. Moreover, Nikola Jokic was able to break the curse of the Nuggets in the conference finals. He helped the Nuggets reach their maiden NBA finals.

King Finding The WCF Loss Hard To Swallow

LeBron James Lakers
LeBron James Lakers Source: Irish Mirror Getty Images

Surprisingly, Denver Nuggets blew the Los Angeles Lakers away in four games. It was not something any Lakers fan hoped for, let alone LeBron James. The LA squad beat the second-seed Memphis Grizzlies 4-2 in Round 1 of the playoffs. Later, they beat the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors, 4-2 in Round 2 as well. It raised the hopes for the Lakers fans of the 18th title this year, but nobody can digest the terrible end to the season.