LeBron James

For his fans, LeBron James was just great from the moment he stepped on the basketball court, an incredible story indeed. He was the most highly anticipated high school student back in 2002. Later, his hometown franchise, Cleveland Cavaliers, picked him in the first draft in 2003. In the following year, he won the NBA Best Rookie Award. LeBron James made his NBA debut at the age of 18.

Back in his high school days, the hype around him was so big that Sports Illustrated named him “the chosen one.” Later, LeBron James had a tattoo based on the same title. The kid from Akron, Ohio, had a fantastic journey in the NBA regarding records and durability. But most of all, in twenty years, he did not face any serious controversy or allegations. James not only lived up to his expectations rather did so much more. And that is why he gets so much recognition, not just from the inside of the NBA world, but from the outside. Similarly to this, recently Charles Barkley mentioned something historic regarding LeBron James. But what is that? Keep reading.


Charles Barkley Feels LeBron’s Career Is The Greatest Story Ever Told

LeBron James
LeBron James Lakers

Charles Barkley, a member of the American Dream Team in the Barcelona Olympics and the 1993 MVP, talked about the greatness of King James. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Barkley mentioned, “I don’t like to compare Jordan and James. I just like to say that they are the best of their respective eras. But James is special indeed. Twenty years of no scandal, exceeding all expectations and still going strong. The greatest sports story ever.” Charles Barkley also has high regard for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson. He considers them to be the best of their generations. But Barkley does feel that James is unique. In these twenty years, the only controversy James faced was when he moved from Cleveland to Miami.

LeBron James had to wait for seven years with the Cavaliers trying to win a championship, but it did not seem like going to happen soon enough. Hence, he had to change teams to try his luck elsewhere. And he had a great time with the Miami Heat winning two championships. However, his love for his hometown is undeniable. He returned to Cleveland to end their 52 years sports jinx and win the tournament in 2016. It was his third, but it felt more special and emotional. The last taste of championship glory for James came with the Lakers in 2020. It was his fourth title.

LeBron James Is Far From Over After Retirement

LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers)

Other than four championships, LeBron James is a four-time MVP and four-time MVP in the finals as well. Twenty years later, at 38, King James is looking for the fifth championship. He holds the record of the league’s all-time leading scorer surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. That was a great moment in NBA’s and the Laker’s history. The “Captain” was there to congratulate the King. Besides sports, LeBron James is a talented businessman as well. He is the first basketball player to become a billionaire while being an active player.

Furthermore, James does a lot of philanthropic activities in Akron and many places. Most notably, the school he helped build, I Promise School in Akron to help so many kids from humble backgrounds like he was. Like Michael Jordan, he is also expected to buy an NBA team after he retires. King James already showed interest in buying sports teams. King James is a part owner of the English Premier League club, Liverpool. Hence, the incredible journey of LeBron James is far from over after retirement. As he can do so many things and keep his connections with basketball forever.