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“LeBron James Is A Great Dad,” Savannah James Got Emotional While Discussing Relationship Her Husband’s With Their Kids

LeBron James is not just a great basketball player but also a great family man. He has got the busiest life of an athlete in NBA. However, the Lakers’ star never mixes his family life and professional life. King James is 38 but cannot quit his passion as of yet. There are so much energy and motivation left for him still to go out on the court and do some magic. He has a loving family. But they cannot get 24 hours of LeBron James every day because of his busy NBA schedule. Moreover, King James says he still wants to win championships and winning is his motivation.

The 4-time All-Star is doing his best to help the Lakers progress in the current season. He has broken so many records and is currently the all-time leading scorer. Just a few months ago, James broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 38-year-old record of being the top NBA scorer for the same time as LeBron’s age. He has also made an equal number of appearances as an All-Star as Kareem. Hence, it is safe to say that King James is one of the most decorated basketball players of all time. And looks like his wife and childhood love, Savannah James, is more than proud of his husband for dealing with all the aspects of life with equal zest.


“LeBron James Is Just The Most Unbelievable Dad”


According to LeBron’s wife, Savannah James, LeBron James strives not just as the best basketball player but also as the best father he can be. James had to grow up without his father, so he knows what that void means. In an interview, Savannah got emotional talking about his husband and how he is as a father. She acknowledged that “He is just a great dad. If he was our kid’s age, then he could have been their best friend.

She added that LeBron James taught her how to deal with their children. Needless to say, he is a loving husband and a great father and has got a great loving, and supportive family. LeBron and Savannah have been one of the NBA’s most attractive power couples. Whenever LeBron gets a chance, he tries to be there for his family. The Lakers’ star always helps his sons with basketball. Moreover, he is the best friend of his daughter Zhuri and helps her with her youtube channel, “All Things Zhuri.” James’ even bought her daughter a mini house for her birthday. Can there be a more fabulous dad than LeBron?

James Knows What It Means To Live Without A Father

The poignant irony is that LeBron James had to grow up without his dad. LeBron’s mother raised him as a single mother. What a great son he has been to his mother. Maybe that is why LeBron James was a great help to Savannah while raising the kids. He makes sure his kids know how much they mean to him.

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LeBron James Family Source: Parler De Sport

Hence, LeBron loves to shower them with love and joy with whatever he has got. James is a modern-day example of what a great father looks like. His love for his kids is immense and pure. It is safe to say that King James not only knows to perform his duties on the court but also as a loving and caring family man.