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LeBron James’ Injury Update: Suffering Nightmare Injury Scare! Heard A “Big Pop” In His Right Ankle

When it comes to rhythm and flow, the Los Angeles Lakers are one of the last teams to witness this year. Their season began with roster construction issues because of Rob Pelinka, who did not do well as a general manager. They signed an expensive point guard because of his hype, but he could not accommodate himself to the team. As it may appear, the Lakers have just not touched the sheer bottom but exert the same poor level. However, Pelinka improved on his mistake from last time and slightly enhanced the roster before the trade deadline.

The Lakers are going through one of the most important patches of their season, which will decide their post-season chances. Even after making suitable changes in the trade deadline, the bad fate continues to surround the Lakers. A nerve-chilling incident that could make LA fans drop down to their knee moment happened last night. The 38-year-old LeBron James, who has been phenomenal this season, had a hard fall while driving toward the basket. And although they have found new players in the trade market, James is one irreplaceable player. Keep reading to find out what really happened to LeBron.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis against the Mavericks. Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images
LeBron James and Anthony Davis against the Mavericks. Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

LeBron James Hears A Pop Wile Making A Fall

Ever since the 34-year-old point guard Russell Westbrook left the team, LA looks like a better team. But it has also looked worse as his replacement D’Angelo Russell also injured himself in the last game. And yet another calamity happened last night as LeBron James left the AAC arena limping. In the postgame interview, Ham was, as usual, optimistic about his injury, but there was nothing for sure. James did have a quick checkup, but he will be evaluated first thing in the morning. But everyone heard LeBron saying that it popped while holding his ankle on the court after the fall.

LeBron James, who is already playing the 20th season of his career, is a remarkable force of nature. Even after enduring an injury and popping his ankle, he did not end his night in the locker room. The four-time champ got back on his feet, heard his boo from the audience, and helped the team win. It is almost unreal how he managed to play, but he did say that these games were going to be the most important of his life. Meanwhile, the medical staff and James say they will monitor his legs this week to see the progress.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
LeBron James & Luka Doncic (Lakers Vs. Mavericks) Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Now, fans are expecting LeBron James to be just fine as he is going to be a crucial piece to the playoff puzzle. Meanwhile, Anthony Davis used the last night to come back to his monstrous form. James scored 26 points and Davis 30 to lead their team to the most significant wins in the league.