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Lando Norris has helped McLaren get back to title contention this year. Last year, the team with the orange uniform showed promise in the second half of the season. Albeit, they could not beat Red Bull, the MCL60 car looked like the second-fastest behind RB19. However, they could not finish in the top three last year in the constructor standings. Nevertheless, the incredible progress of Norris and his team in the second half made every other team raise their eyebrows. Then, in the new season, McLaren is looking better than ever. Albeit, Red Bull and Ferrari are still faster than them, Zak Brown’s team has made good progress.

Moreover, Lando Norris managed to win his maiden Grand Prix in the US. Later, in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, he finished second to Max Verstappen, very narrowly. Clearly, in the last couple of races this season, Norris has been the driver who managed to challenge Verstappen to a top-of-the-podium finish. The next race in Monaco should be another interesting and exciting battle between the two drivers. Moreover, Lando Norris believes no weakness can hold him and his team back from the chances of winning the race in Monaco. 


Lando Norris Feels There Is No Factor Holding McLaren Back At Monaco

Lando Norris Zak Brown McLaren
Lando Norris Zak Brown McLaren Source: PlanetF1

Recently, in an interview with, Lando Norris mentioned that the low-speed corners are still their biggest weakness. Moreover, he pointed at the race in Imola, when he drove at Turn 7, he could feel that it was their worst corner. Hence, Norris said, “The chicane continues to be one of our worst corners.” Nevertheless, the 2024 Miami GP winner said that he does not think McLaren is bad. When they talk about their biggest weakness, McLaren tries to point out half a tenth sometimes or similar things. Anyway, Lando Norris said in Monaco, there is nothing else to set up for but slow speed. That’s what the British driver is trying to point out, saying, “When you set up for slow speed, it plays back a little more into our hands.”

 However, the difference is that in other circuits, it is a little bit more far-fetched. Nonetheless, Lando Norris has complete faith in the progress that McLaren made over the last one year. Moreover, Norris said that McLaren has a pretty good history at Monaco in the past. However, last year, the Monaco GP was not their best in terms of delivering performance. Moreover, Norris said that they did not have the upgrades when they came to Monaco last year. But since their upgrades in the 2023 Austrian GP, they have improved a lot. 

Oscar Piastri Believes His Team Can Be Very Optimistic

Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri secured a double podium for McLaren in Japan (Getty Images)

Lando Norris believes they have improved on slow speed as well. He feels the weekend in Monaco should be a good one for the team. Moreover, his teammate Oscar Piastri says, “We can be quite optimistic.” Piastri pointed out the McLaren team’s well-rounded strengths. He agrees with Norris that they have good gains in low-speed corners.

Also, they have been a lot better on tracks where they struggled a lot last year. However, Piastri says it is hard to say if they will be strong again in high-speed corners before they get on the track. He wonders that some other team might have caught up to them in that area.

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