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Lakers & Warriors Fighting To Secure 17-Year NBA Veteran In Offseason Signing! Who Will Win?

Los Angeles Lakers have been looking for a big man for weeks since the free agency started. The aim is to find a player who can take some loads off Anthony Davis. Everybody knows how weak the eight-time All-Star is physically. He might be the leader of the core of the 17-time champions, but his fitness is always questionable. There has not been a season since the pandemic when AD got to play more than 60 games. Moreover, he hurt his ankle due to too much stress last December and went on to miss twenty games on the trot.

After his return to the lineup, Anthony Davis led the Lakers brilliantly but occasionally showed weakness in his ankle. However, at present, Los Angeles Lakers are looking to acquire a 36-year-old veteran. According to Hoops Hype, teams like Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Dallas Mavericks, and New Orleans Pelicans, along with Chicago Bulls, can jump on the opportunity to acquire Rudy Gay.


Lakers Looking To Sign Rudy Gay In

Rudy Gay
Rudy Gay Source: Bleacher Report

Recently, the Oklahoma City Thunder waived Gay, a long-time forward, following a trade. Hence, Rudy Gay is currently a free agent. Michael Scotto believes the Lakers and Warriors can be eagerly waiting to sign Gay. However, Gay’s entry into the roster can jeopardize the plan of the Lakers. Rudy Gay can provide strength to the depth of the wing of the Lakers. However, he won’t be useful at the frontcourt, where the Lakers are currently lacking. Albeit, signing a player like Rudy Gay, 36, can be beneficial. The previous season, Gay was part of the Utah Jazz. His average last season was only 5.2 points. However, his experience does count.

Moreover, Gay has been in the NBA for 17 years, and he has seen and learned a lot all these years. On top of that, Rudy Gay can be a useful entry for the Laker’s bench. He will help to strengthen the reserve bench. Who knows what Rob Pelinka and the rest of the front office of the Lakers are thinking? They need a big man, but they are going for a 36-year-old veteran player. Rob Pelinka and the LA side have done exceedingly well in free agency this offseason. Hence, they must have a plan to think about acquiring Rudy Gay. 

But The LA Side Need A Big Man In The Center To Help Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis Lakers
Anthony Davis Lakers Source: Lakers Daily

Moreover, the Lakers reached the Western Conference Finals in 2023, but Anthony Davis could not help the team throughout the series. Hence, it became easier for Denver Nuggets to blow away the Lakers. But AD has been the anchor in the defense and spearhead of the offense of the team last season. Anthony Davis helped the team become the strongest defensive side in the 2022-23 season.

However, it was clear that without a 100% healthy Anthony Davis, it would be very hard for the Lakers to cope through the season. Hence, they need a big man to take the pressure off AD in crunch situations. There are many options for the LA side, like Christian Wood, or try their young member, Jaxson Hayes, to play that big man’s role and so on.