Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers
Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers Source: Lake Show Life

The LA Lakers have been playing without Jarred Vanderbilt’s services since the preseason. However, the season has been very difficult for the Lakers already. It is because the Injured List is raising concerns for the coach, GM as well as fans. Other than Jarred Vanderbilt, the Lakers missed the services of Gabe Vincent who was out with a knee injury. Albeit, the former Miami Heat star played a few games for the Lakers this regular season. Besides Vando and Vicent, the Lakers had the names of Jalen Hood-Schifino and Rui Hachimura on the IL.

Anyhow, it seems the two key players – Rui Hachimura and Jarred Vanderbilt- are set to return to the game against the Houston Rockets. Hachimura and Vanderbilt’s addition to the lineup should boost the team’s balance as well as morale a lot. These guys have been in and out of the team’s lineup since the last season due to injuries. This season, Hachimura sustained a nasal injury, which forced him to stay out for a week to recover. After the game against the Dallas Mavericks, Hachimura went through a procedure to fix the nasal fracture. As per reports, things went smoothly, and Hachimura is ready to come back.


Lakers Are Keen To Get Back Rui Hachimura And Jarred Vanderbilt In Their Lineup

LeBron James Rui Hachimura Lakers
LeBron James Rui Hachimura Lakers Source: Sporting News

Moreover, in the latest Lakers Injury report, both Jarred Vanderbilt and Rui Hachimura were missing ahead of Saturday’s game. Anyhow, Jaxson Hayes and Cam Reddish are still not sure if they will play in the game against the Rockets. On the other hand, as per Mike Trudell, a Lakers reporter, there is a chance that Rui Hachimura will have to wear a mask to protect his nose on Saturday. Anyhow, the Lakers Nation expects a lot from the Japanese, who was the understudy of LeBron James in the offseason.

Darvin Ham seems confident that the Japanese can perform with a mask. Rui Hachimura can crash the boards as well as create his own shots. Since, the Japanese stayed out, the Lakers faced problems with rebounding and half-court scoring. The Lakers will hope that sporting a mask won’t make things difficult for Rui Hachimura. On the other hand, Jarred Vanderbilt will be on a minute restriction because of the time he stayed out. 

LA Missed Vando A Lot

Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers
Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers Sources: Sportscasting

Vando has not played a single game in the regular season so far. Early in the preseason, Vando suffered a heel bursitis injury. It was a big blow to the LA side’s defense. He was a key force in the team’s defense. With Vando, Anthony Davis and LeBron James had some help in the defense. Since Vando’s been out, the defense looked a lot weak. Moreover, the LA side must have missed Vando really in the game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Joel Embiid and his teammates literally destroyed the Lakers with a 44-point win. Moreover, the Lakers have been pretty inconsistent this season so far. Currently, they are 11-9. However, they have stayed unbeaten in the in-season tournament. It would be a great honor for the 17-time champions to win the inaugural season of the NBA Cup. They have reached the quarter-finals and will host the Phoneix Suns there.