Rui Hachimura, Austin Reaves & Chris Paul

Los Angeles Lakers are in a fix regarding the current offseason. There are so many players they want to keep and a few they want to trade. But the question is if they have the budget to fulfill their own wishes. According to NBA Insiders, the Lakers are looking to trade D’Angelo Russell in a dire situation. But they definitely want to extend the contracts of Austin Reaves and Rui Hachimura.

Both Reaves and Hachimura are restricted free agents this offseason. However, D’Lo Russell is an unrestricted free agent. He also disappointed the fans and the front office at the Western Conference Finals with his poor average. However, to keep AR, the Lakers might have to pay him around $90 million for four years. But the cap space of the Los Angeles Lakers is not that big because of the top two stars – LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Both James and Davis have one more year with the LA side in their previous contracts. Hence, it is tough to keep the young star. But the Lakers may see an opportunity to keep AR while they acquire Chris Paul as well. 


How Can The Lakers Keep Austin Reaves But Acquire Chris Paul Simultaneously?

Chris Paul Phoneix Suns
Chris Paul Phoneix Suns Source:

According to an NBA reporter, Marc Stein, the Lakers have a “plan A” in which they find a place for both Austin Reaves and Chris Paul. After the Washington Wizards trade Bradley Beal to the Phoneix Suns, there is a chance that Chris Paul may opt for free agency. But the Los Angeles Clippers may try to acquire Paul from the Suns. However, the question remains if the Suns will waive Chris Paul’s contract in the Beal trade to the Suns From Wizards. Hence, the Lakers are eagerly waiting to see if the Suns’ Point God gets into the open market. Then they are the favorite to acquire him.

However, the Laker’s first priority remains to keep Austin Reaves and Rui Hachimura in the offseason. Reaves has been the most consistent player this 2022-23 season, and Hachimura has emerged as a valuable offensive player in the playoffs. Clearly, both have raised their stake. Hence, Los Angeles Lakers need to chalk out a plan to keep Reaves but trade D’Lo, Malik Beasley, and Mo Bamba, if necessary. Hence, it is a question if the front office will play the role of the third team in the deal between the Wizards and the Suns if they use Chris Paul as an exchange trade deal to acquire Bradley Beal.

Will LA Side Look To Sign Kyrie Irving Later In The Offseason?

D'Angelo Russell Vs Kyrie Irving
D’Angelo Russell Vs Kyrie Irving Source: SBNation

Moreover, it is still uncertain after looking at all the possible trade scenarios for the Lakers’ Kyrie Irving trade scenario if it is not going to be taken care of. For a long time, discussions have been going on regarding a reunion of LeBron James and Irving in purple and gold color. But at present, Los Angeles Lakers have been showing no interest in the Irving deal. Moreover, Dallas Mavericks may not want to let Irving go. Suppose the trade scenario was still on. Then the Lakers could trade D’Angelo Russell and the 17th pick of 2023 to acquire Irving.