Nikola Jokic Vs Austin Reaves Lakers

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Lakers Breakout Guard Reveals His Choice For MVP Award Recipient! And It’s Not LeBron James

Austin Reaves has been the breakout player for the LA Lakers in the last season. He joined the team back in 2021. The Oklahoma Sooners kid did not get his break in the starting lineup immediately. He started as a reserve player coming off the bench. But it was soon apparent that this kid had a high basketball IQ. Hence, Reaves got his break in the starting lineup for the Lakers. Moreover, Austin Reaves gradually became the third most valuable player on the team. Currently, Austin Reaves is busy preparing for the FIBA World Cup representing Team USA.

However, Austin Reaves is able to make some time out of his busy training schedule to give interviews. Recently in an interview with Chief Otto, the Lakers guard discussed a very controversial topic of the last season. Last year, Joel Embiid won the MVP of the season. But many believe it should have been Nikola Jokic for the third time in a row, and so does Austin Reaves. In the interview with Chief Otto, the Lakers point guard said one player that impresses him is Nikola Jokic. What Austin Reaves and many fans of Jokic like about him is his attitude toward the game.


Austin Reaves Feel Nikola Jokic Deserved The MVP In The 2022-23 Season

Nikola Jokic Vs Austin Reaves
Nikola Jokic Vs Austin Reaves Lakers Source: Lakers Daily

Winning MVP is the highest individual award in the NBA. The great Serb won it twice in a row, but he stays so unfazed about anything the media throws at him. Austin Reaves mentioned that he is very unselfish and he just does not care. According to the Lakers, Breakout Guard, Jokic deserved the MVP the previous season. Moreover, it is because the way the Serb plays for a big man is very unique in style. However, Austin Reaves says Joel Embiid is also a great player in his own right. Moreover, the Lakers guard feels Nikola Jokic is a voter’s fatigue in the case of the MVP Award.

The voters may have thought it is time for Joel Embiid to get what he deserves after leading the league in scoring for the second time in a row. The last three times, Jokic and Embiid have been the top two contenders for MVP. Nikola Jokic won the last couple of times. This time it was the first for Joel Embiid. Both deserved it. But Nikola Jokic proved how valuable he is in the playoffs. He led Denver Nuggets to their first NBA championship. In the Western Conference Finals, The Joker helped the Nuggets beat the Los Angeles Lakers in a clean sweep. He won the conference Finals MVP and, later, the Bill Russell Award, aka the NBA Finals MVP.

Austin Reaves, The Breakout Guard For The Lakers In 2022-23

Austin Reaves Lakers
Austin Reaves Lakers Source: Bleacher Report

If LeBron James and Anthony Davis are the top two stars of the team, then AR is not very far behind. But this surprising rising was due to the Oklahoma Sooners kid’s incredible performance in his second NBA season. Austin Reaves became a fan favorite of the Lakers Nation. In the current offseason, he was heading toward free agency.

However, the Lakers made sure he was a restricted free agent. The 17-time champions would likely match any offers that any team would make to get Reaves. Finally, the front office retained Austin Reaves for a four-year contract worth $56 million. Moreover, it made the Lakers Nation very happy.