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Lakers’ Ace LeBron James Post A Cryptic Message After Heat Loses Game 6 Againt Celtics

This year, LeBron James missed his chance of winning the 5th championship ring this year as the Denver Nuggets beat the Los Angeles Lakers by 4-0 in the Western Conference Final. He is currently 38 and at the twilight of his career. However, there are a lot of speculations regarding how long the King intends to continue with his NBA career. He once said that the goal is to play alongside his son Bronny James who is supposed to get picked next year. But after the tragic loss in WCF this season, LeBron James gave a cryptic message about his future as he said, “I’ve a lot to think about the game of basketball.” Hence, there is a major concern about James’ future if he decides to retire all of a sudden. Meanwhile, the other conference final is not yet over.

The Western Conference Final had ended in four games but not the Eastern Final. Albeit, when Los Angeles Lakers were down 0-3 against the Denver Nuggets, Boston Celtics also trailed the same loss against the Miami Heat. But the seventeen-time champions of the East made a miraculous turnaround as they leveled the series by 3-3. Now they will play the last and decisive game of the series at home. However, amidst the Celtics-Heat rivalry, LeBron James has once again caught the media’s attention. It seems like he is making money as Boston Celtics drew the series 3-3. But how? Keep reading to find out.


LeBron James Is Worth $1.1 Billion But Making More Money Betting On Celtics

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: Newsweek

The question is whether LeBron James is betting on Boston Celtics against his former team, Miami Heat. It does not make any sense as he has a fierce rivalry history with the Celtics during his days for the Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference. But then he joined the Lakers, and it cannot get any more intense than the Los Angeles Lakers – Boston Celtics rivalry in NBA history. However, James confused everybody with an Instagram post that seemed to say “Money” called him after Game 6 between Celtics and Heat.

James even mentioned, “I’ll be right back.” What is that all about? Some speculate Kevin ‘Easy Money Sniper’ Durant called him. But it is highly unlikely. The only possible explanation is that he bet on Boston Celtics despite how much he despises that team. Hence, the possibility of making extra money is not too far-fetched. But LeBron James does not need to do that as he is already a billionaire. Moreover, the first NBA player to get so wealthy as an active player. But overall, he is the second richest basketball player after Michael Jordan. Anyway, MJ made so much money with his stakes in the Air Jordan shoes and the Charlotte Hornets team.

Boston Celtics And Miami Heat ECF Intensifies

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Boston Celtics Vs Miami Heat ECF Source: CelticsBlog

Apparently, Miami Heat must be blaming themselves for wasting the advantage of a 3-0 lead. If Boston Celtics win against the Miami Heat in Game 7 as well, then they would become the first to come back and win a series after trailing 0-3.

There are only a few teams in NBA history to force a Game 7 from a 0-3 situation, and Celtics became the 4th team to do so after New York Knicks in 1951, Denver Nuggets in 1994, and Portland Trail Blazers in 2003. But the Boston Celtics are the first to get a home-court advantage in Game 7.