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The Los Angeles Lakers will be gunning down a championship next season as they have built a roster in that pursuit. The team fell short last season during the conference finals. But the team certainly looks capable of crossing the finish line this time around. Having said that, two players are likely to play a key role in making or breaking LA’s 2023-24 season.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are undoubtedly the pillars of the Lakers. Rob Pelinka has built the roster that will suit the duo. However, with James entering his 21st year in the NBA, can the fans expect Davis to lead the charge? Or will it still be a LeBron James team? Well, a couple of NBA players offered contrasting opinions.


Former Players Debate Over The Ideal Choice Of Leader Between LeBron And Davis!

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Since Anthony Davis donned the purple and gold jersey, the Los Angeles Lakers witnessed a steep rise. While they lifted the ring in 2020, the team fell short by inches last season. Thus, LA decided to groom AD to embrace the leadership of the organization once LeBron called it quits. Recently, Davis signed an expensive extension contract, which further confirms the franchise’s alleged future plan. Having said that, as far as the upcoming season is concerned, the fans are divided over the choice of leader. While many believe LeBron should be allowed to lead during his final moments in the NBA, the other half feels it’s the right time for AD to take over.

Meanwhile, former NBA players Kevin Garnett and Matt Barnes joined the debate and offered contrasting opinions. Kevin opines that LeBron James has reached Father’s Time and is not fit to lead the Lakers anymore. Moreover, he expects Anthony Davis to be a part of the MVP conversation. Anything less should be considered a failure. However, Matt Barnes begged to differ from Kevin. He said that the Lakers will always be LeBron’s team. It’s just that Davis will have to be the best player on that team. As far as the leadership is concerned, it cannot be taken away from James. No matter which side one is on, one thing is certain: both James and Davis will have to collectively work hand in hand to ensure success in LA. It’s not a one-man job.

Magic Johnson Calls Lakers A “Dangerous” Team!

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Former Lakers legend Magic Johnson believes that the new look Laker roster is dangerous and a championship-caliber team. Rob Pelinka, the general manager, deserves credit for building this sturdy roster from scratch. They have successfully placed themselves in the championship talks. But at the same time, the expectation will also remain high, and Magic wants LA to embrace it rather than run away or feel pressured by it.

Magic Johnson further sent a warning to the rivals. He feels that once LeBron James and Anthony Davis get into their element, the rivals need to watch out. Overall, the entire league needs to stay out of the purple and gold next season. They arguably have one of the strongest rosters on paper. However, how much of it gets reflected on the court, only time will tell.