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Juan Soto Claims He Believes In Scott Boras On Contract Situation With The Yankees

Juan Soto has been the biggest addition to the New York Yankees in the offseason. He sure raised hopes of the fans in the Bronx of winning another World Series. But the question is, how many years would the Dominican superstar actually get to spend with the Bronx Bombers? Soto’s current contract with the NY side is of one year. Chances are the Pinstripes won’t be able to extend the Dominican slugger’s contract at the end of the upcoming season. Then, the 2024 season is the only chance for Soto to do something special for the NY Yankees. Last year, the Bronx Bombers could not even make the postseason.

Now, the question is how far the Yankees can go this year with the incredible offensive duo of Juan Soto and Aaron Judge. Moreover, if the team manages to stay healthy this year, they can indeed go a long way. Then, the front office, with Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner, has to come up with a plan to keep Soto in the team for the long term. At the end of the 2024 season, Juan Soto will certainly be the biggest free agent. Lately, the Dominican superstar mentioned he trusts his agent to death. Hence, Scott Boras will have to deal with his contract situation as always. 


Juan Soto Lets Scott Boras Handle His Contract Situation

Juan Soto Yankees
Juan Soto Yankees Source: MLB.com

Recently, in an interview with The Athletic, Juan Soto said he believes in Scott Boras. His agent has been with him since he was a “Little kid.” Moreover, the “Generational star” credits Boras to help him out with everything. Soto never had to worry about going through with contract negotiations and such things, thanks to Boras. Moreover, the new Yankee mentioned “Scotty” knows how to handle these things the best. He “Trusts him to death.” Hence, Juan Soto can just focus on playing the game he loves so much.

But the Yankees need to come up with a plan fast if they really want to keep the “Generational star.” Moreover, Juan Soto told The Athletic that as a kid, he never worried about money. He just wanted to play baseball and make his family and country proud. All Soto ever wanted was to make it to the big leagues and prepare to give his best. He never worried about hitting second or third as a kid. And neither did he think about becoming the highest-paid baseball player ever. 

The Generational Star Discussed About How It Feels To Play In The Bronx


The best hitter in baseball told Chris Kirschner of The Athletic that playing in the Bronx will feel like a World Baseball Classic every night. Soto is Dominican. The NY Yankees have a strong Dominican diaspora in their fan base. Hence, it quite feels like a match made in heaven. Moreover, every night in Yankee Stadium, when Juan Soto dons the Pinstripe uniform, there can be really some fun moments awaiting the Generational star.

That’s what Soto anticipates as well. When he first heard that the Yankees were trying to land him, he was happy because it was another team that would have an opportunity to win a World Series. Moreover, Soto has always expressed his excitement about pairing up with Aaron Judge. He mentioned, “Who doesn’t want to hit in front of Judge or even behind him?” 

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