Jake Bauers

Outfielder Jake Bauers has been in the baseball business for the past decade. Yet, he struggled to keep up with the big leagues. Having represented three teams, Bauers played only 300 games in the past four seasons. His career average is .213 with .666 OPS. Despite this, the New York Yankees saw some potential in the outfielder and traded him from Cincinnati Reds last year in exchange for cash considerations.

Jake Bauers was viewed as a low-risk, high-reward investment by the Yankees. For Bauers, things changed drastically post-spring training. He raked up the minor league by hitting .304 with nine home runs and 20 RBIs which eventually earned him a spot in the Bomber’s active major league roster. Since then, the outfielder has not looked back and has now become the regular player in the Yankees lineup.


Yankees Put Onus On Jake Bauers To Fill In The Void Of Aaron Judge

Jake Bauers
Yankees outfielder Jake Bauers is leading off Sunday for the first time in 339 career games.AP

Stacking up a lineup with Aaron Judge is the New York Yankees’ biggest nightmare, which just turned into reality. The slugger is on IL presently with a toe injury and no return timeline. Hence, the Bombers are in desperate need to find a replacement who can do at least half the work that Judge was doing. Well, outfielder, Jake Bauers remains an ideal candidate. After raking up the minor league. Bauers initially came in as a replacement for Judge in May when the captain was out with a hip injury. Jake pounced upon the opportunity with stellar defensive plays to keep his place on the roster. Now that the captain is back on IL, it’s time for Bauers to step up once again.

Jake Bauers’s transition into the major league this season has been inspiring. While he made waves with defensive plays initially, his bat slowly picked up pace. In the last 32 games, the OF has hit .230 with five home runs and 11 RBIs already. Just recently, Jake saved the day for the Yankees. On Saturday, he grabbed a spectacular catch that kept the Red Sox from scoring the first runs on board. The bottom line, the journey outfielder is now a full-time starter for the $7 billion franchise called New York Yankees. He has a chance to turn his life around in New York. One good season is all he needs, and the injury of Aaron Judge could prove to be a blessing in disguise for the baseman.

Jake Bauers’ Dead Major League Dream Reignited By The Bronx Bombers

Jake Bauers, left, celebrates with Aaron Judge at Dodger Stadium: Harry How / Getty Images

A struggling journeyman outfielder, Jake Bauers dropped his major league dreams after a constant struggle in the minors. With the Reds and Mariners, Jake could not do well and thought that he would never be able to make it to the big leagues ever again. Then, the Yankees happened. The Yankees traded him last year, and the outfielder’s fortunes changed.

Jake Bauers, who has got a new life at the Yankees clubhouse, has credited the team for his success this season. In an interview with NJ media, he said that he stopped believing in a major league comeback some time ago. However, the Yankee’s coaches and philosophy changed his perspective toward hitting, which was reflected in his performance on the plate. Let’s hope Bauers continues with his form, as the team needs him to perform in the absence of Aaron Judge.