Yankees Jasson Dominguez
Yankees Jasson Dominguez Source: Fox News

The New York Yankees can’t get time to breathe as injuries keep coming in. It has been that kind of a season for the Yankees when the hits just keep on coming. Even if the NY side ends their losing streak, it seems like the injuries to key players just do not stop happening. These injuries messed up their current season. Now, there is a high possibility that the Bronx Bombers won’t make the postseason.

Recently, the NY side beat their arch-rivals, Boston Red Sox, in a four-game series. Only a few more series are remaining for the Bronx Bombers to get the most out of. But they will hope to come back stronger next season. Meanwhile, what are they going to do about the new injury issues to key players?


Jasson Dominguez Will Take Nine To Ten Months To Recover, Says Yankees Manager

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

Lately, the rookie Jasson Dominguez suffered a severe elbow injury. And now, the Dominican player must go through a Tommy John Surgery next week. However, this outfielder has been impressive for the time he got to play this season. Dominguez could not play the Sunday finale of the series against the Milwaukee Brewers. It was because his right elbow was not in the state to swing during slugging practice. And Yankees manager Aaron Boone mentioned the 20-year-old center fielder will undergo surgery next Wednesday. The manager revealed the details right before the split doubleheader against the Red Sox on Thursday.

Since Jasson is a position player, it will take time for him to recover. Moreover, Aaron Boone revealed that the recovery time will be approximately nine to ten months. It is essential to ensure that a few doctors look at the injury before proceeding to a major surgery. After the doctors look at the injury, they would make the recommendations. Later, Jasson Dominguez will have to pick a surgeon he would like to go with. Meanwhile, on how fast Jasson can get back to the lineup, Aaron Boone mentioned at first he would need to undergo surgery. Then, there is a standard time he would have to spend before he gets ready to be in the lineup.

Jasson Has Been A Top Prospect In The Big League Since He Was 16 Years Old

Yankees Jasson Dominguez
Yankees Jasson Dominguez Source: ESPN

Jasson Dominguez was the top prospect since the 2019-20 international class. He signed with the Yankees at the age of 16. Moreover, the Dominican debuted in the big league on September 1 in Houston. On top of that, the Yankees rookie was slugging .258 with four home runs along with seven RBIs over eight games. Last month, the Yankees waived center fielder Harrison Bader.

That opened a spot for Jasson Dominguez in the side. However, the Yankees are in last place, tied with the Boston Red Sox on the AL East table after Thursday’s split doubleheader. However, they could not get a clean sweep. But a series win against their arch-rivals must boost their confidence and spirit. The Yankees will meet the Pittsburgh Pirates for a new series on Saturday.