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The Los Angeles Lakers are on a roll, and it looks like the playoffs are going to get more interesting than ever. The sheer determination of the Ham’s team has got them so far, and they will not let go of the opportunity easily. It is evidently clear that the team came this far only because of the changes made in February. Apart from the two superstars, the contribution from D’Angelo, Jarred Vanderbilt, and Malik Beasley has been immense. They all give Darvin Ham a strong structure and a position on the court.

Ever since the front office made the changes in the roster, they have been an impressive 16-8 in the last month. For a team that was losing more games than winning, it was a massive gain. However, they also managed to become one of the best records teams in the process. The only team that matched the same level of winnings was Philadelphia.

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Young players like Jarred Vanderbilt have been surprisingly good for the team, making the front office ponder over him. His future in the NBA remains uncertain because he will be a free agent after this season with the Lakers. And it will be a crucial decision whether the Lakers will give him a place in their roster or not.

Jarred Vanderbilt Is A Free Agent Next Season

The 24-year-old has shown some good potential coming off the bench for the team. He even had the opportunity to show his skills in front of his former team Minnesota Timberwolves. Surprisingly the youngster did not even flinch or show nervousness in front of his old team. And it was not just the last game, in fact, that he displayed his quality but all the games in the last month. Therefore, he will make it harder for the front office to make a decision about him.

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The 6’8″ is perfect to handle the Center when Davis is on the bench resting. It takes quite a lot to fill Davis’ shoes, but his build helps him to do it with ease. Moreover, the Center even has two years remaining in his contract but remains uncertain about his future in the Lakers.

What Does Vanderbilt Want With The Lakers?

The youngster wishes to have a deep routed relationship with the Lakers. According to Jovan Buha of the Athletic, Jarred considers LA one of the business’s higher-caliber organizations. This type of appreciation shows that he clearly wants lean toward the team that he is currently playing for. However, the situation completely rests n the hands of the front office.

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Looking at his performance and build-up from when he came to the team and now. The Lakers seem probable to exercise the $4.7 team option for him in the next season. He has been an injury-prone player, but he has certainly improved on that as the season progressed.