Red Bull
Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing seems an invincible force at the moment. With still five rounds to go this Formula One season, the drink-based team has already secured the drivers and the constructors championship. The only rivals who have been able to come remotely close to them were McLaren. However, McLaren turned up too late for a fight.

On the other hand, Mercedes have also been in the hunt and are currently defending P2 in the constructors championship. However, even the Hamilton and Russell duo have been unable to chase down the flying Max Verstappen. However, one team is confident of closing the gap to Red Bull in 2024, and it’s neither McLaren nor Mercedes.


Carlos Sainz Issues Contendership For 2024 With Direct Warning To Red Bull!

Carlos Sainz
Credit: Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

As the 2023 Formula 1 season approaches its conclusion, the anticipation for the next year’s campaign is already building up. Since Red Bull has already secured the championships, fans anticipate the next challenger. While McLaren and Mercedes have emerged as the favorites, Carlos Sainz believes it would be the Ferraris who will challenge the drink-based team in 2024. It’s important to note that Sainz has been the only non-Red Bull driver this season to secure a win in a full race. Thus, the Spaniard is beaming with confidence. In a recent interview at an event in Spain, Sainz said Ferrari has been the only one who has come close to challenging the Bulls in the past two years.

“Since there are these new regulations, Red Bull is unbeatable, but if there is someone who can win from time to time to Red Bull, it’s us,” said Carlos Sainz. Ferrari has indeed had some good races this year. They are currently seated third in the constructors championship, just 28 points below Mercedes. Having said that, to challenge the Bulls in 2024, Ferrari will need to continue refining their car, addressing any weaknesses, and maximizing their strengths. Consistency and performance across various types of tracks will be crucial. The team must also find ways to match the relentless development pace of their competitors, especially McLaren. Additionally, the partnership between Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc will be pivotal. Overall, Carlos Sainz’s confidence in Ferrari’s potential sets the stage for an exciting 2024 season.

Helmut Marko Wary Of McLaren’s Competitiveness

Red Bull
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Meanwhile, Red Bull senior officer Helmut Marko does not believe Ferrari is a competition from them. Instead, Marko is scared of McLaren’s sudden rise. McLaren has displayed signs of life in the latter half of the season. Moreover, at times, they even came close to Max Verstappen, which has sent waves of concern into the drink-based team’s camp.

In a recent interview, Helmut Marko confessed that Red Bull has been setting their pace in accordance with McLaren in almost every race now, which is scary. However, Marko credited the team for their meteoric rise. He believes McLaren will pose a formidable opponent in 2024, and other teams will have a tough time chasing them. Indeed, the 2024 season would be worth a watch.