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“It’s Obviously Been Emotional,” Lewis Hamilton Gets Candid On Mercedes Experience Amid Ferrari Switch

Sir Lewis Hamilton has decided to take the next big step and challenge of his career. But his decision to move to Ferrari from Mercedes shocked the fans worldwide. It has been so long in Formula One that fans are used to seeing Hamilton driving a Mercedes car. Moreover, it would be really weird to see the Silver Arrows without Hamilton. Even the seven-time champion once said how long he has been connected to Mercedes-powered cars. Even when he was driving for McLaren in his early days in F1, they had engines from Mercedes. Hence, he kind of owes his success in the sport to these Mercedes-powered cars.

But Lewis Hamilton remained winless since last two years. Clearly, it was even more weird to see a racer who won more than 100 Grand Prix in his career go through back-to-back winless seasons. Since the cost cap era began, Mercedes lost its grip on the title. They could not build the fastest cars anymore. The only team to beat Red Bull at least once last year was Ferrari. Hence, Hamilton thought it was a good idea to move to Ferrari at the fag end of his career. Nevertheless, it has been a very emotional switch from Mercedes to Ferrari for the seven-time champion.


Lewis Hamilton Got Emotional Watching The Launch Of Mercedes W15

Mercedes Toto Wolff Lewis Hamilton George Russell
Mercedes Toto Wolff Lewis Hamilton George Russell Source: BVM Sports

On Wednesday morning, Mercedes unveiled their 2024 challenger. It has been a couple of weeks since Lewis Hamilton announced his move to Ferrari in 2025. Moreover, Hamilton’s move to the Italian team will mark an end to the most successful F1 team and driver partnership in the sport’s history. From 2014 to 2021, the German team won eight consecutive titles. And the great Briton won six Driver’s World Championships. During the W15 launch, the seven-time champion told the media, including PlanetF1, that it has obviously been very emotional.

Moreover, Lewis Hamilton told the media that he felt surreal standing there during the launch. It is because it has been 11 years since he joined the team in 2013. And he is about to start his 12th season for Mercedes. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton noted that it is such a privilege to work with a group of people he knows what they did over the winter. Adding to that, Hamilton mentioned that the most exciting part is to see the car come together at the start of the year. People won’t get to see what’s underneath the hood. But Hamilton said it is exciting that he and George Russell will get to experience driving the whole thing on the track.

The Seven-Time Champion Wants To Get Mercedes Back On Top

Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: Motorsport-Total.com

It feels weird, but the whole season will be like the last season of the Mercedes-Hamilton team. Despite the great Briton is looking forward to fulfilling his other dream of joining the Ferrari team, he wants to end his collaboration with Mercedes on a happy note. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton told the media that the focus throughout the winter was to get the team back to where they once were. Adding to that, the seven-time champion mentioned that the last two difficult years have really been a grounding experience for the whole team. He also said that the last couple of seasons helped them regroup. Moreover, Hamilton said it was important to relook at certain things and go through the process of working diligently, understanding the data and the new challenger.

Also, it is crucial to maximize practice. Later, Hamilton concluded that even one lap in the rain they might get to drive should give him and Russell a feeling of what to expect this year. On the other hand, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko mocked Toto Wolff. He said the Mercedes boss once mentioned that no piece of paper can fit between him and Hamilton. In reply, Marko commented, “…but a Ferrari contract would.” But Marko also ruled out the possibility of Max Verstappen leaving Red Bull. Let us see if Max proves Marko wrong in the future.

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