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Max Verstappen Christian Horner Red Bull Source: Eurosport

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has seen great days in F1 and bad days at well. There was a time when the Austrian team was nowhere in the picture of a championship contender. From 2014 to 2020, no team came close to Mercedes. Even in 2021, the team won the constructors title. But Red Bull won the driver’s world championship that year, with Max Verstappen becoming the new F1 champion. Similarly, before the turbo-hybrid era, Christian Horner was at the top of the world, with Sebastian Vettel dominating the grid from 2010 to 2013. Red Bull had no competition back in those days, either.

Since the last decade, only two teams have won the championship titles, both drivers and constructors. It has been unfair towards other teams, but the two powerhouses of Formula One – Mercedes and Red Bull are irreplaceable. Not even the other powerhouse, Ferrari, came close to being a championship contender. Apparently, after removing Mercedes from the throne last year, Red Bull is planning to dominate for another five-six years and even beyond that. It may not be great news for the fans and the F1 sport in general, but that’s just the way it is. Even the Red Bull team principal thinks that selfishness is good for great F1 drivers.


Christian Horner Believes In Great F1 Driver’s Ruthlessness & Selfishness

Red Bull Boss
Christian Horner Red Bull Source: Planet Sport

Chief Christian Horner believes that it is good for drivers to be single-minded in their approach. As later, it comes down to the boss to manage before things start to affect the team badly. That’s when with all the primadonnas, it will get even bigger than the team. That’s when the team principals come into play very essentially. The team bosses need to remind everyone that it’s a team game and the victory belongs to the team as it does to the driver. Horner also acknowledged that the team’s approach has always been to the Mavericks, and it has paid them pretty well over the years.

The Red Bull boss was speaking about the need for ruthlessness in a driver for the Sky Sports documentary Secrets of Success. As Christian Horner mentioned, “You need Mavericks in your team to win you races and championships. They can make you feel uncomfortable at times. But that is important to push all those boundaries.” The Red Bull boss feels that without being selfish or ruthless, an F1 champion cannot handle all the pressure that will come his way. That’s why such drivers with the tough mentality and ruthlessly competitive drivers survive and win the most races.

Red Bull Boss Had To Wait A While To See The Culture Change In His Team

Team Red Bull
Team Red Bull

It is time for Max Verstappen to lead the motorsport, and he is exactly what Christian Horner is talking about. Moreover, the Principal mentioned that being an energy drink conglomerate, they would never be able to beat top car manufacturers. For instance, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari would never lose to them if they did not have a maverick approach.

Christian Horner has been part of Red Bull since he was 31 years old. He has clearly seen a lot of tough days when people in the team were working individually but not from a collective standpoint. There were a few from the Jaguar era who doubted Horner’s longevity. But he had to wait a while to see the culture change in the team.