Juan Soto, Yankees
Juan Soto flip his bat after belting a solo homer in the sixth inning of the Yankees’ loss. AP

Juan Soto has lit up the current season. He started the season brilliantly. Moreover, the New York Yankees are glad that the Dominican Superstar is playing for them this season. But will he be part of the iconic franchise for the long term? It is still up for debate. Clearly, the best hitter in baseball is enjoying his time in the Bronx. After a little more than 50 games this season, the new superstar in the pinstripes is already raising the hype around him. He is the top contender to win the American League MVP this year. Moreover, Juan Soto is on his way to having his career-best season.

So far, in his career, the best season came in 2020 in terms of his hitting average. But that was a shortened season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, he can play a normal full-length season, and he would like to win the World Series once again. He has done that with the Washington Nationals once. But if he can do that with the Yankees this year, that can increase his asking price to the level of Shohei Ohtani in the next free agency. Maybe? Lately, Soto said his doors are open for contract talks. 


Juan Soto Is Open To Talk To Anybody Before He Enters Free Agency At The End Of This Year

Juan Soto
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Clearly, in the next offseason, Juan Soto will be the biggest free agent available in the market. Any team would be lucky to have him. After all, he is the best hitter in baseball. But at present, the Dominican superstar seems to blend in the Yankees clubhouse really well. Moreover, there is a huge Dominican diaspora in New York that makes him feel like home. Then, lately, because of his performance, he has been hearing “MVP” chants in the Yankee Stadium. Later, Soto talked about the difference in fans of the previous two teams he played for and the Yankees Nation. He said, “Washington and San Diego have a lot of fans, but the fan support in the Bronx is massive.”


Hence, emotionally, he might want to sign contract extension with the Yankees. However, he leaves all those contract negotiation talks to his agent Scott Boras. He just wants to play baseball. On Friday, ahead of the San Diego Padres game, Juan Soto, said in a press conference that he “Ain’t closing any doors” for contract talks. It always comes down to his impending free agency after the 2024 season. Moreover, Juan Soto mentioned that he is open to speak with anybody who wants to talk about deal and stuff. Last week, the three-time All-Star mentioned that he was open to in-season contract talks with his current team. 

What Are The Obstacles For The Yankees To Sign The Childish Bambino For A Long-term Extension?

Juan Soto, Yankees

Last year, the Yankees landed Juan Soto from the SD Padres for a one-year deal. It seemed risky as he would be a free agent at the end of this year. But the early returns were always very promising. Juan Soto is proving it right as he changed the atmosphere in the clubhouse. After 2023 season, Soto’s entry made it to a winning atmosphere. He is the big reason why the Yankees are leading AL East. DraftKing suggests if he keeps up the momentum, he can win MVP.

Anyhow, the big problem for the Yankees is their massive payroll. Only behind the NY Mets, the Yankees have the second-highest payroll in the league. Already, the Bronx Bombers have more than $300 million in contracts signed with Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gerrit Cole. These deals will continue even after Soto signs his next contract. Then, the Yankees have to pay Juan Soto a hefty luxury tax with his $31 million salary of the current year.

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