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Patrick Beverley has been spitting venom on his former team, the Los Angeles Lakers, since he was traded last season. To keep the playoff push afloat, Rob Pelinka overhauled the lineup, which led to the release of Beverley. Since then, the point guard hasn’t missed a chance to have a go at his former team.

In the aftermath of the trade, Patrick Beverley landed at the Chicago Bulls and faced the Lakers in the subsequent weeks. He trolled LeBron James, and LA’s breakout guard clapped back at him for disrespecting the veteran. That exchange gave rise to a new rivalry, which further gained momentum during LA’s recent matchup against Pat Bev’s 76ers.


Patrick Beverley Vows To Make Austin Reaves Pay For “Too Small” Celebration!

Austin Reaves

Last season, Patrick Beverley landed on the wrong side of the Los Angeles Lakers after he trolled LeBron James with a “small” gesture. He had developed bad blood against LA since they dumped him at the trade deadline and showered the same on James in their first meet-up after the trade went on floors. However, Austin Reaves, Hollywood’s new kid on the block, took it personally and gave it back to Pat Bev at the latter’s hometown in Chicago. Reaves secured a dunk after Beverley failed to guard him and did a “too small” celebration on his face as his LA teammates erupted in joy. While Austin brought out the celebration out of sheer excitement, Pat Bev was hurt.

In a recent matchup between the Lakers and 76ers, Patrick Beverley’s current team, the point guard engaged in a heated confrontation with Austin Reaves. After the incident, LA’s guard refused to speak about the verbal altercation as he has immense respect for the veteran point guard. However, Beverley did address the incident on his latest podcast episode. He said since Reaves embarrassed him with the “too small” celebration, he had been waiting to give a befitting reply. The point guard further added that he was not going to take such an act of disrespect sportingly and would be on to Reaves for the rest of his life. Even if Austin isn’t on purple and gold in the future, Patrick won’t stop coming for him. Undoubtedly, a new rivalry has emerged between the two elite PGs. It would be interesting to see how Reaves responds to the threat.

Austin Reaves Opens Up On How Lakers Lost To 76ers!

LeBron James
Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James looks downcast in the closing minutes of their defeat to the Denver Nuggets. (AP Photo)

Besides the drama, the Lakers’ 44-point loss to the Philadelphia 76ers made headlines. When asked to elaborate on the humiliating defeat, point guard Austin Reaves seemed clueless and defenseless. He said the 76ers scored a lot of three-pointers, which destroyed the purple and gold’s momentum. Due to the piling up of the lead, LA had no room left to produce a comeback.

“They beat the s**t out of us. I don’t know,” said Austin Reaves. On the other hand, LeBron James was also highly critical of the loss. “We got killed on the 3-point line today. Give them credit,” James said. He further added that the Lakers need to change a lot with respect to the overall gameplan and strategies. The pattern of having to erase huge deficits towards the last quarter is highly problematic.