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“I’m Kinda Sick,” Steph Curry Calls Out Warriors For Lacking Urgency After Shocking Loss To Thunder!

The Golden State Warriors registered a shocking defeat to the Oklahoma City Thunder for the third consecutive time. Despite a double-digit lead, the Steph Curry-led Dubs kneeled down to the Thunder in a nail-biting thriller that ended with a 138-136 scorecard. The loss marks another setback in the State’s miserable 2023-23 NBA season campaign.

The seven-time NBA champions, Golden State Warriors, are accustomed to extreme success as they have won four championships in this past decade. However, roster scuffles have posed unprecedented challenges in front of the Dubs nation. The team still hasn’t managed to grapple with the downfall, and Steph Curry, the team’s guiding force disappointment, cannot be understated.


Steph Curry “Sick” Of Warriors Narrative After Loss To Thunder!

Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

In a surprising turn of events, Golden State Warriors’ star player, Stephen Curry, publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the team’s performance following a shocking loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The defeat, which caught many by surprise, prompted Curry to voice his concerns about the team’s sense of urgency and performance on the court. When asked about the team’s trend of losing double-digit leads since the last season, Curry said he is sick of the narrative. “Gotta figure out how to stop talking about it and do it. Or else you’ll be into the new year with the same problems,” said Curry. The point guard’s frustration sought no bounds.

Steph Curry’s remarks underscore the high standards and competitive mindset that have defined the Warriors’ culture in recent years. As one of the league’s premier players and a two-time NBA MVP, Curry’s leadership extends beyond his on-court exploits. And his willingness to hold the team accountable reflects his commitment to success. The loss to the Thunder raised questions about the Warriors’ consistency and ability to perform at a high level consistently. The season has posed a steep challenge, undoubtedly. However, the Dubs are accustomed to these hurled. Thus, they shouldn’t have a problem edging past it in the future. The tournament is still long, and the Golden State can still bounce back with an elite lineup that consists of Curry, Thompson, Green, and Paul.

Draymond Green Takes Responsibility For Curry’s Urgency Remark!

Draymond Green
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Following Curry’s post-game comments expressing his frustration with the team’s urgency, Draymond Green took the initiative to address the media and acknowledge the need for improvement. In a post-game interview, Green said the Warriors lack urgency. And it’s his responsibility to get that backup. As a veteran and leader, Green is committed to serving his best to the pack.

Green’s acknowledgment of responsibility aligns with his reputation as a leader within the Warriors’ organization. As a three-time NBA champion and a former NBA Defensive Player of the Year, Green’s impact extends beyond statistics. As the team navigates the challenges of the NBA season, Green’s willingness to take responsibility serves as a rallying point for the team. Overall, as the season progresses, the Dubs will look to translate the renewed sense of urgency into on-court success.