Sergio Perez Lewis Hamilton
Sergio Perez Lewis Hamilton Source: Sky Sports

Sir Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez are at present neck and neck in the Driver’s competition. But can Hamilton help Mercedes finish at P2, beating Ferrari and Aston Martin? A P2 finish is a respectable position. And it will give Mercedes some extra boost to develop the best car for the next season. As per GPblog, Lewis Hamilton said he had one of the worst races of his career in Brazil this year. Albeit there is potential in the car, it was not the right one for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

But Lewis Hamilton recalls that they had a couple of really good races right before the Brazilian Grand Prix. The losses surely are painful, but everybody is learning and recovering from them, according to Hamilton. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton jokingly told Sergio Perez in the press conference ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, “I’m coming for you.”


Lewis Hamilton Jokes, “I’m Coming For You, Checo”

Lewis Hamilton Sergio Perez
Lewis Hamilton Sergio Perez Source: The Sports Rush

Sergio Perez is still more than 30 points ahead of Hamilton. Moreover, Checo will be in high spirits in the next race after having a thrilling fight against Alonso in the last Grand Prix. Albeit Alonso came out victorious, Checo impressed everybody. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton predicted that he would have to gain 30 points in the next two races, and along with that, Checo must perform badly in at least one of the two races. However, Hamilton seems chilled out as he said the team is proud of what they accomplished this season with the terrible W14 car.

They never expected to knock on the doors of the reigning champion to challenge them a bit. Moreover, Hamilton believes the RB19 car has been the most dominant vehicle in F1’s modern era. But Mercedes sure did have a better season than the last time. It was a pretty decent season, as per Lewis Hamilton. Moreover, Hamilton said he is more confident about the Las Vegas track than the last one in Sao Paolo. But getting the tires to work and maximizing them will be the biggest challenge for the seven-time champion in Las Vegas.  

It’s Checo Vs. Hamilton This Time

George Russell Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Sergio Perez Red Bull
George Russell Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: The Mirror

The winner of the season is Max Verstappen. It has been a while since the Dutchman confirmed his back-to-back three titles. But the second place is still up for grabs in the driver’s championship. Who’ll it be – Hamilton or Checo? Or there are a few more threats as well in McLaren’s Lando Norris and, Ferrari’s Carlo Sainz, and even Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso. But among the drivers closest to challenge Sergio Perez of Red Bull for second place, Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes has the best chance.

However, the seven-time champion did not have a great race in the Brazilian Grand Prix. He finished at P8 in the Interlagos race. But Hamilton has blamed the car for the poor performance and inconsistency. However, the Mercedes star is not willing to give up the second-place finish until he gives a good fight to Checo in the remaining two races. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton wants to finish the season on a happy note. And for Hamilton, the satisfaction will come with a P2 finish.