Lewis Hamilton FIA P3 Prize Baku 2023
Lewis Hamilton FIA P3 Prize Baku 2023 Source: PlanetF1

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton dominated F1 Motorsport for over a decade. He is one of the most celebrated F1 drivers ever. In fact, the Briton is the most decorated driver ever in Formula One. He has won seven Driver’s championships and is the only F1 racer to win 100 or more Grands Prix. However, the great Hamilton has been winless since 2022. It is because of the poor Mercedes car. The German team introduced the zero sidepod concept back in 2022, expecting something special in the new cost cap era.

But guess what, things were different as the German team lost their place as the most dominant team in the grid to Red Bull. Where the Austrian team won 38 GPs in the previous couple of seasons, Mercedes managed only one win. However, Lewis Hamilton remained winless, and in 2022, his new teammate, George Russell, even managed to beat him. The 2022 season was the first year in F1 when Hamilton had a winless season. But then he repeated it back last year. However, a big F1 fan and an American rapper, Will.i.am, said if Lewis Hamilton starts to win again, it will be trouble for the Red Bull champ.


Will.i.am Believes Lewis Hamilton And Mercedes Can Win Again And Win Big

Lewis Hamilton Will.i.am
Lewis Hamilton Will.i.am Source: The Mirror

The 48-year-old rapper has a partnership with the same brand George Russell and the seven-time champion race for. Moreover, Will.i.am believes Mercedes can win again in F1 and can also go to the top again. It is only a matter of time before the new season starts on March 2 in Bahrain. The American rapper is confident regarding the competitiveness of the German team. Recently, in an interview, as per GPblog.com, Will.i.am mentioned the Mercedes F1 team has the best engineers on earth. Hence, the singer doesn’t see a problem with engineering that could stop the German team from winning again.

About the seven-time champion, Will.i.am mentioned Lewis Hamilton is one of the greatest star racers there ever was in Formula One. Moreover, the 48-year-old artist mentioned Toto Wolff is one of the best leaders in the sport. On top of that, Will.i.am feels George Russell is a fearless driver and one of the nicest guys he has ever met. Moreover, the American rapper believes if Lewis Hamilton wins again it would be historic. Adding to that, he said it would be legendary for the seven-time champion and also the sport. Moreover, if that happens, Will.i.am mentioned Max Verstappen would take forever to catch up again with Hamilton. 

Can Mercedes Beat Red Bull This Year?

Lewis Hamilton
Credits: IMAGO Motorsport Images

Will.i.am acknowledged Max Verstappen saying he is awesome, but believes when the Briton gets it on his bag, it will take the Dutch some years to catch up. It can be true that Max and Red Bull could not beat Hamilton and Mercedes from 2017 to 2020. The most important thing is the car and which one is superior to the other.

At present, it is clearly the Austrian outfit with the fastest car. They won 21 races out of 22 last year. In 2022, they won 17 GPs. On the other hand, Mercedes won the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2022, and that’s it over the last two years. It has been ultimately Red Bull domination since 2022. 

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