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Jordan Montgomery, a left-handed starting pitcher, joined the New York Yankees during 2014’s MLB draft. He eventually rose through the ranks to enter the big leagues in 2017. During his six-year stay, Montgomery’s career was marred with injuries and inconsistencies. He missed an entire 2018 season due to Tommy John surgery.

Not only that, Jordan Montgomery featured in only one postseason game in pinstripes, which was during Game 4 of the 2020 ALDS. However, the starting pitcher got additional opportunities with the Texas Rangers, wherein he thrived into an impactful thrower. Did departure from the Yankees work as a blessing in disguise for Jordan? Or is the pitcher open for an alleged reunion in 2024?


Jordan Montgomery Rejects “Bad Blood” Narrative While Taking About Present State Of Relationship With Yankees!

Montgomery has a 3.35 ERA over 27 starts with the Cardinals since being traded last August, preparing to face the Yankees over the weekend in St. Louis.AP

The New York Yankees didn’t think that Jordan Montgomery was a postseason pitcher. Thus, they traded him away to the St.Louis Cardinals in 2022. Eventually, the Cardinals also ended up shipping away the starter to the Texas Rangers. However, it worked out well for Montgomery as he got the opportunity to pitch in the postseason with the Rangers. And an experienced pitcher like Montgomery wasn’t going to let the opportunity slide. Across 25 post-season innings pitched, Jordan recorded an impressive 2.16 ERA. Moreover, in 32 seasonal starts, his ERA stood at 3.20. It’s important to note that Jordan will be entering free agency in 2024, and his ex-team, the Bronx Bombers, are seemingly interested in a reunion.

However, some speculations state that Jordan Montgomery was not happy with the way the Yankees treated him during his final moments in the Bronx and, thus, wouldn’t be interested in a reunion. In a recent interview, the pitcher reckoned that there is no bad blood between him and the Yankee organization. The media can cook up as many stories as they want. But the fact remains that he is still in touch with the likes of Gerrit Cole and Aaron Judge and has maintained a cordial relationship with his ex-team. Montgomery also expressed gratitude for the opportunities he received in the Bronx and sort of understands why they dealt him away. He was a good pitcher but not mature enough to be a postseason starter. Having said that, Jordan Montgomery refused to comment on his alleged reunion talks with the Yanks.

Renowned Japanese Closer On Yanks Off-Season Radar!

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Speaking of the pitching rotation, the New York Yankees are seeking outside help to solidify the five-men lineup. The front office’s interest in ace Yoshinobu Yamamoto is no secret. However, apart from Yamamoto, the Yanks are also scouting Eagles closer Yuki Matsui. According to Yahoo Japan, the Bombers scouted Matsui multiple times this year and are interested in landing him during the off-season.

Yuki Matsui, who spent 10 years with the Eagles in NPB, is exploring his option of entering Major League Baseball in 2024. While the closer has not made up his mind just yet, the Yankees’ level of interest is also unknown. Having said that, a closer like Yuki can solve the Yanks’ bullpen crisis in the long run. He can partner with Yamamoto to form a lethal force to be reckoned with.