The crash between Fenando Alonso and Lewis Hamitlon in 2022

The Miami Saturday sprint was a rollercoaster of emotions, with heart-pounding drama both on and off the track. While Red Bull’s champion racer, Max Verstappen, triumphed in his ninth sprint race, the collisions during Lap 1 set off a new round of controversy. Fernando Alonso, who bore the brunt of Lewis Hamilton’s W15, was understandably furious after the incident. 

The livid Spaniard raised questions about the FIA’s investigation and verdict. Notably, Alonso has been on the shooting lines as the racer has been penalized twice in one month. However, the FIA explained the aftermath of the entire problem. 


Alonso Livid While FIA Explains Hamilton’s Crash At The Miami Sprint

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During the Miami GP sprint, a collision occurred in the opening corner of the Hard Rock circuit. The incident unfolded when Hamilton tried to make a quick move ahead of Alonso. The Briton pushed his Mercedes through the inside lines of Alonso’s Aston Martin, making contact in the process. Whereas he was four places behind Alonso, and in a desperate attempt to gain the lead, the Briton pressed the pedal. However, the contact between the two drivers initiated a chain reaction impacting multiple drivers. Alonsos’s Aston Martin teammate Lance Stroll and McLaren’s Lando Norris were others affected. Moreover, the collision had significant consequences, as Stroll and Norris had to retire due to damage sustained by their cars. However, Hamilton was unaffected on and off track as FIA gave him a clean chit. The action infuriated Alonso as he alleged the FIA authorities were biased towards the seven-time world champion. Later, during an interview, he expressed frustration, suggesting that Hamilton escaped the penalty since he is not ‘Spanish.’

Amid all the allegations, FIA stewards have explained the reason behind their actions. The race stewards reviewed the footage and determined that Stroll and Alonso initiated the collision, while Hamilton’s sudden arrival aggravated the damage. However, there was no evidence of one driver predominantly starting the crash. Thus, no one, including Hamilton, was penalized. 

Lewis Hamilton’s Gesture For Lando Norris Wins Hearts 

A heartwarming gesture by Lewis Hamilton is winning hearts across the internet. During the Sunday Miami GP, Lando Norris bagged his first silverware, ending Max Verstappen’s winning streak at Flordia. While everyone was elated by Lando’s performance, Hamilton was seen clapping for him after the finish line. After the race, Hamilton told Sky Sports he was ‘happy for Lando,’ as winning the first Grand Prix title is always special. 

Moreover, the seven-time world champion was satisfied with his Sunday outing. Mercedes have struggled throughout the season, but their performance at the Hard Rock circuit will be a sigh of relief. Notably, Lewis finished sixth while his teammate George Russell was eighth to cross the final line.