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“He’s Already A Laker” Warriors Fans Blast Draymond Green For The Tight Loss Against Lakers

Everybody knows about the special bond between Lakers star LeBron James and Warriors defensive player Draymond Green. They are long-time rivals on the court but are the best of friends outside. It was already an epic clash between the Lakers and the Warriors in the playoffs, even before it started. The main attraction towards this encounter has been the rivalry history between LeBron James and the Warriors. They met four times at the NBA Finals from 2015 to 2018.

LeBron James won once in 2016, and the Golden State won the other three times. Back in the time, James used to play for Cleveland Cavaliers. However, since James moved to Los Angeles, it was not possible for Draymond Green and Steph Curry to meet him at the Finals anymore. Albeit they could have met as far as the Western Conference finals. However, they have not met in the playoffs since 2018. The Lakers won in 2020, and the Warriors won in 2022, making it their fourth in eight years.


Warriors’ Fans Are Not Happy With Green’s Performance

Warriors Draymond Green Lakers LeBron James
LeBron James Lakers Draymond Green Warriors Source: Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

The LA franchise is determined to eliminate the defending champions before Game 7. After Game 4, the Lakers have a healthy lead over the Warriors, leading 3-1. It was not a one-sided affair like the previous two games when each of the two teams had a dominating victory against the other. It was an intense finish to the game that saw the Lakers defeat the Warriors 104-101. Apparently, it was a matter of three points. The Warriors, who revolutionized the three-pointers, lost the match due to one less three-pointer. However, the fans are blaming Draymond Green for the loss because of his costly mistake. During the game, the Warriors had a good chance to level the game when Green made a mistake while making a turnover in the last quarter with mere 10 seconds to go.

Draymond Green received the ball after an inbound ball from Steph Curry. Later, Green drove the ball to the basket. Draymond was forced to pass the ball to Andrew Wiggins, who did not expect the pass. Anthony Davis recovered the ball after a loose pass from Green with only 5 seconds to go. The fans claim Green is ready to leave the Golden State after he becomes a free agent in the offseason. Fans even flooded Twitter saying Green is ready to join the Lakers with his old friend LeBron James. The Warriors fans claim Green gifted the match to the Lakers. Moreover, it is a matter of a game now for the Lakers to clinch the series and eliminate the Warriors, the defending champions. 

Who’ll Win Their Fifth Title First – LeBron James Or Stephen Curry?

Lakers LeBron James Stephen Curry Warriors
LeBron James (Lakers) & Stephen Curry (Warriors). Source: San Francisco Chronicle

LeBron James has won four championships in his career. And Steph Curry, with the Warriors, won four as well. Both are looking for their fifth championship. Hence, the excitement for the playoff series was skyrocketing. The Warriors came to the series with a lot of high hopes, as in the previous game against Sacramento Kings, Curry scored 50 points (Best Game 7 record).

But the Lakers did not make things easy for the Warriors. They won the first game. But the Golden State came back strong. Furthermore, it seemed like the start of an exciting series, which will possibly end in Game 7. But the Lakers had something different in mind.