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Helmut Marko Claims Red Bull Star Max Verstappen Can Win Pole Even Driving An Alpha Tauri Or A Haas

Team Red Bull’s shining star Max Verstappen is undeniably the most dominant racer of the current era. He might even be the most dominant in history. There have been many racers in F1 history who won back-to-back titles. But there have been very few racers who won as many races in a single season. In the cost cap era, Max’s win average is way better than many greats of the game. And a lot of credit goes to the Red Bull engineers for providing the Dutchman with the fastest car on the grid.

Many believe that Max Verstappen is the most dominant driver, irrespective of the car’s brilliance. However, the question that fans ask is if Max can win more titles without Red Bull’s car. In reply, the Red Bull advisor, Helmut Marko, mentioned Max Verstappen could win races with an Alpha Tauri car or even a Haas car.


Helmut Marko Feels Max Verstappen Can Take Haas Or Alpha Tauri Cars To Pole

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Source: Eurosport

The Red Bull advisor has always been a firm believer in Max’s talent. In fact, he made Red Bull Racing sign Verstappen with their sister team in 2015. Recently in an interview with, Helmut Marko mentioned that Max Verstappen is in a class of his own in any car. Marko believes Verstappen can help a Haas car get a pole position in ever-changing conditions. However, Helmut Marko added that there is a big difference between Max Verstappen of the 2020 season and the one in the current season except for his name.

According to the Marko, Max Verstappen gained a great deal of sovereignty. He believes that, like Hamilton always divided his tires, Verstappen is the same and, at basic speed, can be even better. The advisor even noted that Verstappen matured at an incredible speed. Moreover, he gave another reason why Max Verstappen is different from other greats like Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Max can leave the sport when he feels it is time. According to Marko, Max Verstappen can come and just say, “Thank you. But that’s it.”                 

What If The Secret Power Lies With Honda Engines?

Christian Horner Red Bull Honda
Christian Horner Red Bull Honda Source: PlanetF1

The RB19 can be one of the greatest F1 cars ever. Even Lewis Hamilton mentioned after a few races this season that RB19 is the fastest he has ever seen. Moreover, the seven-time champion himself has driven a few fastest cars in his dominant era. But Hamilton believes RB19 beats them all. For that, the credit goes to the Red Bull CTO, Adrian Newey, who is also the car designer. Moreover, the engine partner, Honda, deserves a lot of credit.

Red Bull had a tough time when Renault was their engine partner. Honda brought reliability and stability to Red Bull’s engine department. They had a very successful collaboration so far. But it will end after 2026. Honda will partner up with Aston Martin. On the other hand, Red Bull will start their engine partnership with Ford in 2026. Many fans and experts argue that the cause of Max Verstappen’s dominance is the car that comes with Honda’s engine.