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The New York Yankees are actively seeking Juan Soto in a blockbuster trade this season. Despite initial resentment, the San Diego Padres are now ready to move Soto as the financial crisis deepens. Amid raging rumors, the Bronx Bombers emerged as top suitors and are reportedly engaged with the Padres about a potential deal.

Juan Soto, a left-handed batter and left-field outfielder, remains the solution to the Yankees’ 50% problems. The generational OF is widely regarded as one of the best hitters in the league and could revive the team’s dead offense. However, playing in New York is a different ball game altogether. Will Soto succeed in absorbing the pressure? His former Washington Nationals manager, Dave Martinez, weighs in.


Juan Soto Well-Built To Excel In Bronx, Says Ex-Manager Dave Martinez!

Juan Soto
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New York is a tough place to thrive in for a sportsperson. Ask any Yankees player, and they will tell you how the passionate fan base sometimes blurs the line between constructive criticism and unjust disrespect. The stakes are always high, and thus, each player is required to stay mentally tough and on his toes throughout the season and beyond. Meanwhile, with Juan Soto’s trade negotiations in full swing, Yankees fans are concerned if the outfielder will be able to handle the pressure of playing for a big franchise. To those unversed, Soto debuted with the Nationals before eventually moving to the Padres via trade. However, Washington Nationals’ ex-manager Dave Martinez, who worked with Soto closely in the past, dismissed the concerns.

While speaking to reporters during Winter meetings, Martinez said that Juan Soto will handle the pressure of playing in New York very well. It’s because he loves the game of baseball deeply. The former manager also shared an incident wherein he asked the outfielder about the motivation behind his grind. Soto kept it simple and said that he is madly in love with the game and all he wants to do all his life is play baseball. That motivation is greater than any pressure of any city whatsoever. Additionally, Martinez heaped praises on the Soto’s talent. “He’s one of the purest hitters in the game. A game changer. I’ve always wished him the best,” Martinez said. No matter where the generational talent lands, he would do a good job, says Dave Martinez.

Yankees-Padres Trade Talks Hits Stalemate!

Juan Soto, Aaron Boone

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees trade negotiations with the San Diego Padres, which sends Juan Soto to the Bronx, have been stalled. Brendan Kuty of the Athletic confirmed the same, with a hope of resumption during winter meetings. Kuty said that the Padres’ steep ask pushed the Bronx Bombers away for the time being. Apparently, San Diego asked for seven players in exchange for Soto and center fielder Trent Grisham.

Those seven include Michael King, Clark Schmidt, Randy Vasquez, Jhony Brito, and highly regarded prospect Drew Thorpe. Needless to say, the New York Yankees weren’t ready to part with as many as five major league-ready arms. Thus, the talks will not resume until the Padres lower their demand and come up with a more realistic ask.