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Sergio Perez, Red Bull Racing driver, is fighting for his racing career this F1 season. Checo’s contract expires after the ongoing season, and a future beyond that is still undecided. After an awful 2023 season, the Mexican driver bounced back in 2024 with multiple podium finishes.

However, with the Red Bull seat being in demand, Sergio Perez’s walking on fire with his alleged contract extension pursuit. With 2026 engine regulations in sight, Checo feels he deserves a long-term extension. However, senior advisor Helmut Marko recently fired a stern warning at Perez, stating that performance would remain the ultimate parameter for judgment.


Sergio Perez’s Three-Year Extension Request Rejected By Helmut Marko!

Helmut Marko Red Bull
Helmut Marko Red Bull Drivers Source: PlanetF1

With the engine regulation overhaul coming into effect in 2026, each team on the grid aims to form the best possible driver lineup. Moreover, the driver market is unusually active this year courtesy of Lewis Hamilton‘s Ferrari move. Therefore, Red Bull driver Sergio Perez, whose contract expires by the end of the year, is at risk of losing his racing career. With the Bulls looking for a more competitive driver besides Max Verstappen, Perez fell out of that category following an abysmal season in 2023. And his contract renewal deadline couldn’t have come at a worse time. However, Checo has been trying his best to retain his spot with impressive performance in the season unfolded so far. Still, his ambitious demands could pose a roadblock.

Meanwhile, Red Bull senior advisor Helmut Marko, while talking to, confirmed that Sergio Perez‘s initial request is a three-year extension contract. However, he subtly conveyed a stern message to Checo to affirm that the 2026 regulation change will not be considered an important factor in negotiations. Marko added that the drink-based outfit is currently in no position to finalize anything and will not give into the pressure of the active drivers market. The senior advisor indirectly rejected Checo’s three-year extension pursuit, saying performance will be the ultimate parameter for judgment and that Perez is aware of the same. “At first, he wanted a three-year contract. But we will find a solution,” Marko said. Indeed, Red Bull would love to keep their options open for the make-or-break 2026 season.

Checo Thinks He Deserves Minimum Two-Year Extension From Red Bull!

Sergio Perez Red Bull
Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: Eurosport

In an interesting take, Sergio Perez revealed that it’s only logical for Red Bull to hand him a two-year extension contract by the end of the year. He explained that with engine regulation change happening in 2026, he deserves a seat for the year to prove why he deserves that position. A one-year deal would prove and mean nothing, claimed Perez.

However, it seems highly unlikely that Red Bull Racing will agree to Sergio Perez’s request here. The engine regulation change in 2026 could either break or extend the Bulls’ ongoing dominance. Despite being an invincible team, a lot is at stake for the Bulls as they enter a crucial phase before the monumental overhaul.

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