LeBron James Injury
LeBron James’ Ankle Injury Against Nuggets. Source: Getty Images

Los Angeles Lakers ace LeBron James is not as young as he used to be twenty years ago. But he is still playing in the league, even with a bigger impact than before. He proved that he can still jump higher and run faster than most in the NBA at 38. King James will turn 39 next December. With speculations increasing, the question keeps coming up about the King’s retirement.

But James has started training for the next season’s preparations. In a recent post, he even mentioned he does not get tired. Everybody knows how dedicated the leading scorer of all time is. But the First Take host, Stephen A. Smith, has issues with what James claimed.


Stephen A Smith Says LeBron James Is Lying About Fatigue

Stephen A Smith LeBron James Lakers
Stephen A. Smith LeBron James Lakers Source: Sportsmanor

Moreover, the First Take host claims LeBron James does get tired, as he was lying in that recent video. Adding to that, the ESPN Analyst mentioned it is okay to feel tired, especially at 38 or 39. But Smith praised the commitment and conditioning of LeBron James to stay in shape. Moreover, Stephen A. Smith mentioned it is a travesty that he looked fitter than most younger players in the league, especially his teammate, Anthony Davis. But what is more surprising is that James is 38 and looks like he is in better shape than most of the other members of his team.

This maintenance of fitness allows King James to dominate the court even at 38 or 39. LeBron James played for 35.5 minutes on average and scored 28.9 points per game last season. This stat proves that he is still able to play at the highest level. On the other hand, the First Take host mentioned LeBron’s younger teammate, Austin Reaves, who is the new sensation. After the last season, Reaves became a fan favorite. But Smith praised the Oklahoma Sooners kid for his consistency in the current FIBA World Cup. Some say Reaves is overrated. But Stephen A. Smith said, “No” he is not.                    

All-Time Leading Scorer Will Try His Luck Once More To Win His 5th Title

LeBron James Lakers
LeBron James Lakers Source: Fadeaway World

After the conclusion of the last season’s campaign of the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James gave hints about his retirement. Not once, but the King gave a couple of hints at a press conference and another at an Instagram story. Hence, the question is still there whether LeBron James will retire after next season or not. However, the all-time leading scorer cleared the doubts about the 2023-24 season. He will definitely try once more to win his 5th championship. Last season, King James sustained a pretty bad tendon injury on his right foot.

Moreover, he missed several games for almost a month. However, he came back strong as he helped the Lakers reach the Western Conference Finals. But there was a rumor that he will need to undergo surgery before the next season begins and if he wants to stay available. Despite his injury issues increasing, LeBron James was pretty good in the last playoffs. He tried his best to help the Lakers win the WCF. However, the Denver Nuggets were just too strong for the Lakers as they went on to win the championship for the very first time in their franchise’s history.