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Point guard Jordan Poole was certainly the next big thing waiting to explode in the NBA when he debuted with the Golden State Warriors back in 2019. The young rookie looked solid and impressed his peers with exceptional talent and elite skill set. Over the next few years, Poole became the core of Golden State’s dynasty.

In his breakout 2021-22 season, Jordan Poole averaged 18.5 points per game and 44.8 percent shooting and got himself into the NBA’s most-improved player’s contest. However, one unfortunate incident with Warriors’ teammate Draymond Green turned the tide as Poole was shown his way out last year. Meanwhile, team coach Steve Kerr reflected on the incident and exposed the franchise’s dubious stand.


Steve Kerr Says Warriors Gutted To Lose Jordan Poole Under Unforeseen Circumstance!

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After a successful championship run wherein Jordan Poole contributed heavily, the point guard agreed to a four-year extension contract worth $123 million with the Golden State Warriors. However, days ahead of the official signing, the PG witnessed an ugly confrontation with peer and NBA veteran Draymond Green. During a pre-season practice session, a harmless trash talk between Poole and Green turned into a physical altercation as the latter punched the former hard in the face. Subsequently, TMZ leaked the video of the incident, which put the Dubs in a bad light. While Green apologized and stepped away from the team for a while, the incident had negative implications for the team’s locker room environment.

Moreover, despite signing an extension contract, Jordan Poole was traded to the Washington Wizards later in the year in exchange for Chris Paul. Meanwhile, Poole is set to return to the Chase Center for the first time after trade. And ahead of the big game, Warriors coach Steve Kerr reflected on the events that led to Poole’s departure. He confessed that Dubs could have done better while handling Draymond Green’s situation. While the team felt they did the right thing at the time, now, as Kerr looks back, he feels things shouldn’t have unfolded the way they did. Jordan Poole remained the team’s core. He led the Dubs to a championship. Thus, the Golden State was looking forward to building a future around him. “For us and for him, this was a great marriage. It was all wildly successful. But I hate the way it ended,” said Kerr.

Klay Thompson Feels Dubs Wouldn’t Have Won Championships Without Poole!

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Besides Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors superstar forward Klay Thompson also expressed his excitement about reuniting with Jordan Poole at Chase Center. He feels that Dubs wouldn’t have won the championship in 2022 if not for Poole. The PG played a crucial role in making it happen. Thus, he expects fans to show Poole the right ovation on Friday.

Moreover, Klay Thompson added that it was unfortunate for the Warriors to part with Jordan Poole since the latter helped the team raise a banner. However, he believes wounds heal at the end of the day. And affirmed that Dubs Nation will always be grateful to Poole Party. The Dubs will clash with the Washington Wizards on Friday for a group-stage game at Chase Center.