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Mercedes’ turbulent phase continues as they hit an all-time low. The team yet again failed to leave an impact during the Friday qualifications. The whirlpool of misfortune is swallowing the eight-time Constructors’  champions. Although the team boss, Toto Wolff, wasn’t confident about their future, he still backed his crew. Despite the upgrade package, their W15 project looks dull, which is why Lewis Hamilton is frustrated. 

The seven-time world champion gave his team a reality check. The driver, set to leave for Ferrari, expressed disappointment after the qualifiers. The silver livery drivers, Hamilton and Russell, failed to qualify for Q3, putting them on the back foot ahead of the Saturday sprint. Thus, the upcoming Miami GP on Sunday is crucial for the Silver Arrows, as the team aims to bounce back. 


Mercedes Falls Short In Miami Sprint Qualifications

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A wave of disappointment struck the Mercedes team as they were left to pick up the pieces. As the drivers failed to qualify for Q3, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton will start the sprint from the 11th and 12th positions. The team’s technical head, James Allison, was optimistic about the upgrade package. After learning a lesson from Shanghai, the team improved the floor and front suspension.  Additionally, the alteration in the floor and roof’s geometry was thought to resolve the ‘underlying’ balance issue.  However, even the major upgrade couldn’t pull Mercedes out of its misery. Therefore, the seven-time world champion was frustrated with the car’s performance. After the Friday qualifiers, Hamilton said this is the best W15 can do, as the racer ‘extracted everything from the car.’  In addition, he feels that the team needs to accept the reality that the current project is beyond repair. He added that the car was doing alright during the practice but fell off at Qualifiers. 

Moreover, the German outfit has been in the dark since the 2022 regulations. The ground-effect concept has quashed their hopes of winning silverware. The technical team at Brackely has tried every possible piece to complete the puzzle but has yet to get any positive results. The mind-bending fact is that the car produces enough downforce but fails to use it to its advantage. Thus, the W15 project remains a mystery for F1 fans and the Mercedes design team. 

Will Mercedes Bounce Back At The Sunday Event?

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The sprint will start with the Mercedes driver in the 11th and 12th spots. The team is already on the back foot ahead of the main race. Moreover, the upgrade package has not changed anything for them as the struggle continues. Even the star racer, Hamilton, has now admitted that the W15 F1 car lacks pace, pushing them further behind in the grid. 

While the ray of hope for the Silver Arrows remains faint, the team is determined to secure a few points with the resources at hand. The Sunday race will test both racers’ abilities, given the challenging nature of the circuit.