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GM Brian Cashman Gets Brutally Trolled As He Sends Encouraging Message To Disappointed Yankees Fans

New York Yankees’ longest-tenured general manager Brian Cashman is probably the most hated person in the Bronx. His dubious, unusual, and tacky roster moves have often garnered backlash. Moreover, things elevated this season. With 55-52, the team stands on the brink of a playoff elimination for the first time since 2016.

Meanwhile, Brian Cashman had an opportunity to earn his moment of redemption at the MLB trade deadline. The deadline concluded on Tuesday evening, and the Yankees did make some moves. But it proved to be not good enough, which led to even more criticism from the fans. Hence, in order to calm down the agitated fans, Cashman sent out a comporting message which seemingly backfired on him.


Brian Cashman Attempts To Calm Down Agitated Fans, Gets Brutally Trolled

Brian Cashman

The New York Yankees, a storied franchise with a history of success, had high expectations entering the season. With a roster stacked with talent and a mix of experienced veterans, the team was widely regarded as a top contender in the American League. Unfortunately, the season did not unfold as many had hoped. Injuries, inconsistent performances, and unexpected challenges led to a string of tough losses for the Yankees. As the team struggled to find its footing, fans became increasingly vocal in their disappointment and frustration. The mode of communication was the boos that the Yankee players had heard regularly in the Bronx. On top of that, the front office’s underwhelming moves at the trade deadline further added fuel to the fire.

The Yankee fans had high hopes from the front office. But barring a couple of rental bullpen pieces, the Yankees failed to grab a well-known name, which further angered the fans. To calm down the situation, the club’s general manager, Brian Cashman, sent out a message. He said that the team still has a shot at the playoffs, and hence the fans must not lose hope and stay tuned for the action. Further, the GM affirmed that the Yanks would succeed in transforming the boos into cheers very soon. However, Cashman’s pipe dream did not sit well with the fans, who, in turn, trolled him on the internet. The trolling ranged from humorous jabs to aggressive criticism. Clearly, the fans have lost all hope as the team sits at the bottom of the AL-East table.

Yankees GM Justifies Underwhelming Trade Moves Amid Severe Backlash

The New York Yankees are being called out by fans and analysts alike for their underwhelming trade moves. Barring a couple of rental bullpen pieces, the Yanks failed to acquire any high-end notable name. After receiving heavy backlash, the club’s general manager, Brian Cashman, tried to justify the front office’s moves. He said that while there were a lot of options in the market, none seemed a perfect fit for the roster.

Top photo of Anthony Volpe, Nestor Cortes, Aaron Hicks, Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rizzo, Aaron Judge, and Oswaldo Cabrera of the Yankees: Sarah Stier / Getty Images

Many people advised Cashman to buy from high-end teams, but he chose to stick with the present roster as he felt that they were talented enough to make a late playoff push. Lastly, the general manager feels that the team is very much in contention to win. With a few more injured players returning back from IL in the near future, the roster will come together nicely to deliver desired results.