Anthony Volpe, Bucky Dent

Anthony Volpe, a promising young shortstop in the New York Yankees organization, has encountered a rough patch in his career. Whether it’s a prolonged hitting slump or defensive errors, the struggles can take a toll on a young player’s confidence and overall performance. On top of that, the constant scrutiny from media and fans has further added to the misery.

Meanwhile, as confirmed by the Yankees management, Anthony Volpe will not be losing his roster spot anytime soon. The team sees him as a long-term asset and is committed to allowing him enough room for growth. However, until Volpe does not show up with some numbers, the criticism will always stay. Amid the uproar, a well-known former Yankee shortstop has jumped on the rookie’s defense and delivered his verdict on Volpe’s potential.


Former Yankee Bucky Dent Sees Tons Of Potential In Anthony Volpe

Aaron Boone says Anthony Volpe is the “real deal on the basepaths.” Robert Sabo for NY Post

A former Yankees shortstop, Bucky Dent, who experienced his fair share of challenges during his playing career, recently reached out to Anthony Volpe to offer support and encouragement. He attended the Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry but couldn’t see Volpe in action as he was benched by the team. Regardless, the former shortstop delivered his verdict on the current shortstop and had nothing but positive words to say. Dent started out by saying that, as far as he has seen, the rookie carries the potential to become a great player for the Bombers. He has got a good range of shots, and even the makeup is good.

But the only thing that concerns the former player is Anthony Volpe’s high rate of air balls. He said that he has been unable to understand what Volpe is trying to do, but he needs to hit more line drives. Other than that, all things look good, including the base running ability. Further, Bucky Dent added that currently, Volpe is going through a phase where facing major league pitching on a constant basis is becoming too hard for him. That being said, it’s just a phase. Moreover, with enough support and guidance, the rookie can come out of it in no time. Overall, the former shortstop claimed that Anthony Volpe has full potential to become one of the Yankee greats. Also, his performance this season will surely improve.

Aaron Boone Says Volpe Had A Lot Of Winning Moments Despite Offensive Slumps

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe has shown surprising power (eight HRs) and speed (13 stolen bases) but is batting only .194.AP

After Bucky Dent, Anthony Volpe has garnered some support from his manager, Aaron Boone. In an interview, Boone brushed off concerns regarding the rookie’s form. He said that while his offensive numbers remain low, the shortstop still has recorded some awe-inspiring winning moments. Those moments include a couple of winning home runs, a grand slam, and also the famous walk-off.

The skipper further added that Volpe’s at-bats are productive and more than what they expect from a rookie like him. Moreover, the shortstop still has nine home runs to his name with an average just below .200. Hence, his recent struggle is nothing but a mere phase. Every rookie goes through such a struggle in their first major league season. Hence, with enough hard work and support, the Yankees manager is confident that Volpe bouncing back really soon.