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Former Yankees Hitting Coach Wary Of The Idea Of Aaron Judge Playing CF Full-Time To Accommodate Juan Soto!

Owing to the lack of outfield depth, Brian Cashman said the New York Yankees would target two outfielders during the off-season. And Cashman lived up to his word precisely. The Yanks acquired Alex Verdugo from the Boston Red Sox and landed Juan Soto in a historic deal with the San Diego Padres.

However, Soto’s acquisition will flip the New York Yankees’ initial plan for the 2024 season outfield positioning. With Jasson Dominguez on IL for the first half of the season, the Yanks remained in need of a temporary replacement. While Juan Soto will address the offensive needs, his addition will cause strain on captain Aaron Judge, believes former hitting coach Sean Casey.


Aaron Judge Not Well Suited For Center Field’s Demanding Nature, Says Casey!

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As the New York Yankees make headlines with the acquisition of Juan Soto in a surprising trade, the potential impact on the team’s defensive alignment has sparked discussions and raised questions among baseball pundits. Juan Soto is likely to play right field, with Aaron Judge moving to center and Alex Verdugo to the left. However, former Yankee hitting coach Sean Casey is against the idea. During an episode of Mayors Podcast, Casey says that center field remains a demanding position. A big guy like Judge is not well suited for the role. The constant sprints to cover the gaps would mess with the wear and tear of his body. It would only add to his susceptibility to injuries.

However, skipper Aaron Boone begs to differ. In his latest press conference, Boone said that if they acquire Juan Soto, he is comfortable in moving Aaron Judge to center field. And as far as Judge is concerned, he would blindly follow Boone’s game plan to accomplish his unfinished business of the World Series championship. Having said that, the move could be only temporary. Soto and Verdugo will enter walk years post-2024 season. The duo seems more likely to enter free agency in 2025. Once Soto leaves, Judge can move back to right field for the rest of the time left on his nine-year extension contract. While the initial thought of Aaron Judge playing center field scares the analysts, the Yanks equally value its captain. They would certainly find a way to manage his workload and reduce his vulnerability to injuries.

Fans Concerned For Yankees’ Captain’s Health Over Alleged Move To Center-Field!

Aaron Judge. (Mary Altaffer/AP)

The people of New York understand their sport very well. As soon as the news of Aaron Judge’s having to play center fielder in 2024 flared up, fans thronged social media to express concerns. Judge’s two-month-long absence due to ligament tear injury cost Yanks the 2023 season. Thus, the fans understand the importance of his presence on the lineup.

At center field, Aaron Judge will remain more exposed to injuries. And the potential scenario is giving nightmares to the fans. Thus, the Yankee fan base called for an alternative plan to accommodate Juan Soto into left field and let Judge be at his regular spot. However, the Yankees’ roster construction is complex in nature. Any alteration will be done with careful assessment of its repercussions.