Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Source: Eurosport

Max Verstappen has brought the glorious days back for Red Bull. The Austrian team enjoyed enormous success with Sebastian Vettel between 2010 and 2013. They were unbeatable, and Vettel made all sorts of records. But then the German driver moved to Ferrari, where his childhood idol, Michael Schumacher, became a legend. However, Red Bull lost their grip on the title in 2014. A new era began that saw the rise of the Mercedes-Benz team. Along with that team, Lewis Hamilton went on to win six titles, adding to his maiden title with McLaren in 2008.

On the other hand, at present, the hegemony of Red Bull is showing a lack of competitors because they are sitting at the top, enjoying a massive lead over the others. However, the question is can any team or driver stop the hegemony of Red Bull and Max Verstappen? Former Red Bull driver states the hegemony can end at some point. Recently Mark Webber mentioned that if Max loses faith in the RB19 car, then it is possible.


Mark Webber Feels The Reliability Of The Car Can Only Make Some Difference

Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: The SportsRush

Moreover, Webber does not think Verstappen’s rivals can end his dominance. But the reliability of RB19 will determine how long Red Bull and Verstappen enjoy success on the grid. In an interview with Mark Webber expressed his opinion about what can make a difference in the championship. Only Red Bull’s car can make a difference, as Max will always drive with the same intensity. Moreover, Mark Webber believes everybody would like to see Max Verstappen win at Zandvoort, his home race.

It would be Max’s third home win in a row. However, Max Verstappen might care more about equaling former Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel. The Dutchman would like to win nine and more races on the trot. Mark Webber believes Max is a top drawer as he brings a lot of intensity with him. Moreover, the former Red Bull driver feels Verstappen won’t feel any pressure at home. Instead, he would look at it more like an advantage.                    

Red Bull And Max Verstappen Look Unstoppable At Present

Christian Horner Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Christian Horner Red Bull Source: Eurosport

Moreover, Mercedes won eight consecutive constructor titles in the turbo-hybrid era. But after a long wait, the Austrian team tasted a title success last year. They broke the hegemony of the German team on the grid, winning the constructor title the previous year. Prior to that, they won the driver’s championship with Max Verstappen in 2021. But last year saw some new heights of the hegemony of Red Bull and Verstappen. The Dutchman won 15 races and helped his team get to 17 race wins, easily winning the constructor title.

Fans and media experts thought it couldn’t get any better than last season for Red Bull. However, Max Verstappen and the Milton Keynes team had some other plans. Until the summer break, Red Bull won all 12 races. The Dutchman emerged victorious in ten of those twelve Grand Prix victories. However, he is on an eight-race winning streak at present. Since 2021, in just two and a half years, Max Verstappen has already won 35 races. He might become the first driver to win 20 races a season. There are still ten more Grands Prix to go.