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Former F1 Driver Pairs Ayrton Senna And Max Verstappen And Rates Them Above Schumacher And Hamilton

Since Red Bull ace Max Verstappen ended Lewis Hamilton’s denomination in 2021, there have been comparisons between the two drivers. The Briton has won seven titles in his 15-year-long and illustrious career. Moreover, Hamilton has won the most number of races and pole positions than any other driver in history. Moreover, Mercedes has been through an evolving process this season with no side pods stage to new side pods.

Lewis Hamilton had a few P2 finishes this year. But he just could not go past the current double-time champion. Recently, in an interview with Kronen Zeitung, Gerhard Berger, former F1 driver, claimed Max Verstappen is better than Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. In the last 50 years, Berger feels the two greatest drivers have been Ayrton Senna and Max Verstappen.


Berger Claims Senna And Verstappen Are Greater Than Hamilton And Schumacher

Max Verstappen Ayrton Senna
Max Verstappen Ayrton Senna Source: Daily Express

However, Gerhard Berger feels Hamilton and Schumacher have been exceptional for they achieved on the track. Moreover, it is very hard to compare the greats of different generations because the engines are different, the rules are different, and even the cars are so different. However, records give the fans and experts a better way to understand the magnitude of the dominant driver of a certain era. Albeit, these records are not going to stay intact forever. Somebody from the next generations will break them eventually. But Gerhard Berger feels Ayrton Senna died too early, and Max Verstappen is still so young.

However, the former F1 driver stated the statistics of the two seven-time champions are just fantastic. But Berger feels Senna and Verstappen have been very unique personalities and drivers in the racing business. The most common thing about the two drivers is the love of speed and winning. Both Senna and Verstappen have been very competitive on the track. Ayrton Senna passed away in a tragic car crash in the year 1994 at the San Marino Grand Prix. In his ten year long career, Senna won 41 races but held the record for most pole positions with 65. Moreover, he achieved 19 fastest laps in his career. He finished on the podium 80 times.

Max Verstappen Can End Up Winning 20 Races This Season

Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: Sky Sports

However, Max Verstappen has won the most races in a row and most races in a season. Last year, the Dutchman won 15 races, which was a record in itself. However, in 2023, he is about to break his own record of most wins in a season. Recently, in Monza, for the Italian Grand Prix, Verstappen broke the former Red Bull champion Sebastian Vettel’s record for most consecutive race wins. Lately, the Dutchman has enjoyed a certain level of dominance that no other driver in history had been through.

Max Verstappen won 37 races in the last two and a half years. If he keeps on carrying the same momentum, Verstappen can eventually win 20 races this season. And there is nobody who can stop him from achieving that at present. On the other hand, former champion drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are eager to break the Dutchman’s winning streak. Aston Martin has been impressive this year, with the Spaniard holding the third place at present.