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The 2023 Formula One season has witnessed some of the dullest races of all time, especially the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Red Bull Racing remains unstoppable, and their drivers, Max Verstappen, and Sergio Perez, are literally fighting alone amongst themselves at the front of the grid. Apart from them, even the teams behind have been unable to induce overtakes, which has eventually resulted in a boring race.

Meanwhile, Red Bull ace Max Verstappen has found a pattern that he believes is contributing to a lack of overtaking opportunities. He has criticized F1 authorities for their policies which are adversely affecting the car. After Verstappen’s open criticism, FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem lent his support to the Dutch driver and made a similar appeal to F1.


FIA President Supports Max Verstappen, Bids To Reduce The Weight Of F1 Cars

Mohammed ben Sulayem
FIA President Mohammed ben Sulayem has condemned the “sustained toxicity” on social media (David Davies/PA) (PA Wire)

The weight of F1 cars has been on an upward trajectory over the last few years. Last year, the car’s weight was recorded at 798kg, increasing from 752kg from the previous year. The hybrid systems, although beneficial for fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability, have come at the cost of increased weight. However, the trend has drawn criticism from Red Bull driver Max Verstappen. He says that while the cars have gained speed, the heavyweight almost makes it impossible to produce an overtaking opportunity. The cars don’t move around with ease due to increased weight. Hence, if this trend continues, the races will just start becoming more and more dull as time progresses.

Meanwhile, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the FIA president, has echoed Verstappen’s sentiments on the issue. He, too, voiced his opinion on the need for lighter cars. The president believes reducing the weight of the machinery will offer superior performance. Not only that, but lighter vehicles will also ensure additional safety and fuel efficiency. Apart from Max Verstappen and FIA president, former Red Bull driver Christian Klein also supported the cause. He said that compared to his time, the cars have definitely gotten heavier. While it has gained a mad-level pace, the machinery overall looks lazy. Overall, the increasing weight of F1 cars is becoming a growing issue, and it’s time F1 takes it into consideration.

F1 Boss States Resolving Weight Issues Of F1 Cars Will Remain His Top Priority

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Formula One cars have witnessed a massive transition in the turbo hybrid era. The weight of the cars has increased significantly. The drivers are finding it difficult to drive, and many, including Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, have voiced their concerns. Meanwhile, as the sport is getting a new set of rules and regulations from 2026, F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has promised to address the issue. He said that he totally believes that lighter cars are better. Hence, he has made it his top priority to resolve the issue.

The CEO added that the hybrid engines and batteries have contributed to additional weight. But the F1 authorities are trying their best to find out ways to resolve this. Moreover, as new regulations come into effect in 2026, we might see the weight of the F1 cars getting reduced significantly. Well, 2026 is still a long time away. Hence, for now, the drivers will have to bear with the current set of cars.