Lewis Hamilton- Fernando Alonso
Lewis Hamilton- Fernando Alonso

Mercedes’ ace Lewis Hamilton has come into the limelight yet again. After finishing with back-to-back P5 in the first two races of the season, the result of the Australian Grand Prix has been like a breath of fresh air for the Briton. It must boost the confidence back in the Mercedes camp. Since the last season, it has been a challenging phase for the Brackley team. Lewis Hamilton is also looking for the coveted eighth title.

However, the W14 car has been of no help. According to Hamilton, “the W14 is the worst car he has driven in the recent times.” Due to the car, Mercedes has not even been in the title contentions. Even Lewis Hamilton said so, “Max is way ahead of us.” Nonetheless, the seven-time champ is still hanging in and must feel pretty confident about turning things around after last Sunday. Amidst the ray f hope on Sunday, one of Lewis’s biggest rivals and podium sharer, Fernando Alonso, has appreciated Lewis for his intelligence on track.


Fernando Alonso Praises Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton & Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) & Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

The oldest driver of the grid surprisingly praised the second oldest. Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso had a pretty good battle in the final few laps of the Australian Grand Prix. Eventually, Hamilton turned out to be much faster than Alonso. Previously, the Spaniard had criticized the Briton for saying Max is the fastest and no one comes close to him and his car at the moment. At the time, Fernando Alonso mentioned, “Hamilton is getting old.” However, after the GP in Australia, Alonso has nothing but praise for his former McLaren teammate. The Spaniard mentioned, “What a champion Lewis Hamilton is!” Alonso even said that he evidently tried to force Hamilton to make a mistake.

But Lewis Hamilton was just fantastic, as nothing stopped him on Sunday from clinching his 192nd Podium finish. Hamilton helped Mercedes get their first podium finish this season. Fernando Alonso also talked about the drama surrounding the three red flags. The Spaniard mentioned that it was confusing because it was hard to understand what was happening. Max Verstappen, who eventually won the race, noted that it was “messy.” This victory was the Dutchman’s first Australian Grand Prix win. Anyway, Fernando Alonso must be happy as the team finished at P3. Lewis Hamilton, indeed was incredible to hold on to P2 till the last second amid such confusion. The Spaniard further praised his team for a delightful start to the current season.

The Seven-Time Champion Is Catching Up Slowly

Lewis Hamilton F1
Lewis Hamilton F1 Mercedes

As the first two races got over in Bahrain and then in Jeddah, it was Red Bull and then Aston Martin. Mercedes was not even the third best, they were fourth fastest. Carlos Sainz Jr. kept Ferrari in the third position in the standings. However, after the Grand Prix in Melbourne this year, Lewis Hamilton climbed up to the fourth position making Mercedes the third fastest in the season at the moment.

The seven-time champion is gradually catching up with a lot of races still remaining in the current season. Max Verstappen is way ahead of the rest on the points table. It can change if the seven-time champion gets to win a couple of races.