Fernando Alonso-Max Verstappen

Uzma Fatima

“Fernando Alonso Deserves To Win More,” Says Max Verstappen Being A Fan Of The Aston Martin Driver

Fernando Alonso, the name no one must forget in Formula One, is again in the highlights as he is not even mistakenly missing to match the expectations of everyone. Since when he joined Aston Martin, he didn’t miss a podium. The 2023 F1 season is indeed filled with uncertainties. Still, two things are very much certain so far: Max Verstappen from Red Bull and Fernando Alonso from Aston Martin is going to give fierce battles for the championship trophy. And what’s interesting here is that not only fans but also Max Verstappen, who is the biggest rival of the Spaniard, is willing to him to win! 

Recently in an interaction with the media, the reigning world champion shared his views on how the former Alpine driver got back to the podiums he deserves. Both Max and Fernando are two-time Formula One world champions, and both have mutual respect and love for each other. They never hide, showing how impressed they are with each other. As the world appreciates Fernando Alonso for having secured the podium in all the initial three races held in the season, Max Verstappen is expecting more from his ideal. He wants Alonso to win a race finally! The GP beat the Spanish driver has longed for a decade and would make him a 33-time GP winner. 

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Fernando Alonso Winning Third Podium

Max Verstappen Would Be Happy To See Fernando Win The Number 33.

The last time Fernando Alonso won a race was in Spain in 2013. However, according to Max Verstappen, the Aston Martin driver should have already won more of the races. Unfortunately, Fernando never got a really good car. He has found much time speaking that the day all drivers will get the same engine will be the day we’ll play fair. And fortunately, today is the day when he got the same engine as Mercedes and the same concept as Red Bull. So in this fair play, Fernando Alonso has proved that age is just a number and a driver is always a driver. He never forgets to drive for the win, to have a comeback. 

Given this, Max Verstappen stated, “I think Fernando deserves a lot more.” No doubt, the two-time world champion has resurrected another level of excitement in Fans’ hearts with his spectacular moves this season. And we all are waiting for him to see him spraying champagne from the top of the podium. And along with us, Max Verstappen is waiting for the moment too. They call Max selfish, but it seems like for Alonso, all that he wants is a win. “I would like to see him win more.” And in the coming races, Max is ready to have a fair battle with Fernando.  

Max Verstappen
Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen

I would be quite happy to see Fernando Alonso win number 33,” said Max Verstappen. Just when this news got posted on social media, fans started recognizing the two of the drivers as the GOAT! From all across the world, only positive feedback came for these statements of Max for Fernando. Indeed, each one of us wants to see the 41-year-old win a race! Let’s hope for the best.