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Fans Rally Support For New York Yankees After Rays’ Brandon Lowe’s Brutal “Last Place Team” Jibe

New York Yankees faced sturdy East rivals Tampa Bay Rays in a three-game series over the weekend. While the Rays emerged as the better team with regard to performance, tempers flared up in the series finale. With the series tied 1-1, the Bronx Bombers were desperate to clinch their first series win since July 20.

Hence, the New York Yankees pitchers were aggressive and drilled Rays hitters with fast-paced pitches. A few hitters ended up getting hit by the pitches throughout the series. All the boiling frustration spilled out in the finale as benches were cleared twice in a span of less than one inning. Amid rising tensions, the fans have come out in support of the Yanks.


Fans Call Out Brandon Lowe For Taking Brutal Dig At Yankees

Brandon Lowe
Credit: MLB.com

Sunday’s matchup between the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Ray turned into a battleground. In the eighth inning, Rays’ Randy Arozarena got hit by Albert Abreu’s pitch, which he thought was intentional. The outfielder stared down at Abreu before charging towards him. Fortunately, the plate umpire intervened and stopped the altercation. However, both sides cleared benches and stormed into the field to calm things down. Luckily, no punches were thrown as the players kept their cool. Further, in the same inning, Arozarena and Abreu faced off once again as the former sledged the latter after stealing a base. The benches were cleared again, and this time, the managers had to intervene and calm tempers down.

Meanwhile, after clinching a 7-4 win, Rays baseman Brandon Lowe took a brutal jibe at the Yankees. He said that the Yanks are a last-placed team, almost out of playoff contention. Whereas the Rays are actively competing as each game matters to them. Hence, as per Lowe, the Bombers are trying to instigate a fight, but for the Rays, it’s not worth their time as they have bigger things to focus on. This statement irked the Yankee fans, who put Lowe in his place by clapping back at him on social media. They reminded the baseman of the legacy the Yanks franchise is built on. One bad season certainly does not define them. The Bombers are any day better than the Rays, say the fans.

Randy Arozarena Accuses Albert Abreu Of Hitting Him Intentionally

The brawl between the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays erupted after a pitch from Yankee reliever Albert Abreu hit Ray’s OF Randy Arozarena in the eighth inning. It was only after the incident that the benches were cleared twice. Having said that, Randy accused Abreu of deliberately hitting him. “If you look back at previous series, he’s hit me before,” Randy argued.

However, the Yankees reliever claimed innocence. He said he tried to explain to Arozarena then and there that he wasn’t trying to hit him. Abreu is a sinker pitcher, and all he was trying to do was execute his pitch. But the Rays hitter was not buying it as he countered him, saying, “That’s the second time you hit me.” While the series ended without any violence, the bad blood is likely to perpetuate between the two clubs.