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Fans Dejected After Witnessing Team Mercedes’ Response Towards Lewis Hamilton Despite Achieving Tough Podium

Lewis Hamilton surprised everybody after securing the P2 in the Australian Grand Prix. For a moment, he was even leading the race. But ultimately, he fell behind Max Verstappen yet again. However, with the troublesome W14 car, the seven-time champion managed to finish second. That is an achievement in itself.

Lately, Hamilton has complained about the quality of the car countless times after the first two races this season. He even mentioned, “that’s the worst car he has driven in recent years.” Although his teammate George Russell was facing better results with the car in the recent past. However, in the Australian Grand Prix, Hamilton gained a much better finish. On the other hand, Russell could not even finish the race. Apparently, the Grand Prix had to start and stop and resume several times, with debris falling all around the track. And many teams have expressed discomfort due to the three red flags halting the race.


Lewis Hamilton Is Upset After His Team’s Unsupportive Behavior

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Nonetheless, the seven-time champion won his 192nd podium finish. Albeit, it did not somehow turn out to be as happy as the fans had been. Sadly, a horrible display of a lack of support from the Mercedes team toward Hamilton caught the eye. Even Lewis was like, “where the hell is my team?” Apparently, only a few of the PRs came and greeted the great Briton. It is definitely a good sign for the relationship between Mercedes and Hamilton. Moreover, fans around the world have also shown clear discontentment while highlighting the same issue. They are asking as to why the Mercedes team was not there to celebrate Hamilton’s podium finish in the last race.

Most importantly, it was the Brackley team’s first podium finish of the season after the three races. Hence, it was shocking to see this indifferent behavior of the team. Generally, Mercedes has always been so supportive of Lewis, but what happened on Sunday? People are worried that this might be a sign of the beginning of the end of an era. Hamilton could now think about opting out of the Silver Arrows.

Does This Mean The Mercedes-Hamilton Era Coming To An End?

George Russell Lewis Hamilton
George Russell & Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

After a long time, the seven-time champion managed a podium finish. This meant a lot to him, as it should have for the team as well. In the post-race interview, Hamilton mentioned, “it means a lot to me, but I don’t know if that means the same to my team because I have not seen anybody after the race.” The question is why the Brackley team behaved in such a disgraceful manner. Does this mean the team is inclining a little too much toward George Russell now? Perhaps they are reacting this way after Hamilton’s comments on the W14 car.

Is there a possible gap starting to develop between boss Toto Wolff and Hamilton? If things are okay in the Mercedes dugout, then why such a lack of enthusiasm? Lewis Hamilton is still giving his best for the team, but this behavior is truly upsetting. After all, they have been through, like the greatest partnership between a team and a driver’s story might be coming to an end. It was kind of expected after the team was going through a rough patch since the last season. However, this lack of support from the end of the Mercedes team is proving the prediction to happen sooner than ever.