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F1’s Recent Ruling To Shatter A Lifelong Dream Of Seven-Time Champion Lewis Hamilton

Seven-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton remains a global sports icon with a following of millions. Being the only representation of the black community on the grid, Hamilton garners support from all parts of the world. Hence, the Briton believes he has a responsibility to give it back to society in any way possible. Recently, he was working on a project that was extremely close to his heart. However, the project could hit a major roadblock with F1’s recent stand.

Formula One has long tried to expand its global reach by conducting a race on all the continents of the world. However, recently, due to political issues, many races could not go according to plan. For example, the Chinese and Russian GP. F1 has a zero-tolerance policy on political issues. Hence, in the wake of another political turmoil, the governing body has decided to abandon the plan for a race in the African continent.


F1 To Red Flag Possibility Of A Race In South Africa

Kyalami Race Circuit

Recently, Mercedes ace Lewis Hamilton expressed his lifelong dream to race once in South Africa before he closes curtains on his illustrious career. He says he enjoys a huge following on the continent. Moreover, the fans would love to witness the sport live for once. Hamilton also claimed that he is working towards it on the sidelines, and it could come to light soon. However, the F1 plans to crush the Briton’s dreams into pieces. A report from RacingNews365 claimed that F1 governing body has refused to hold a race in South Africa due to political reasons.

Since the war between Russia and Ukraine broke out, the USA has accused nations, including South Africa, of providing military aid to Russia. It is widely known that F1 has lent his support to Ukraine in this war. It even canceled Russian GP until further notice. Hence, with South Africa aligning with Russia, F1 is not keen on joining hands with them. As a result, Lewis Hamilton’s big dream of driving on the Kylami International Circuit would remain nothing more than a dream for now. That being said, Formula One is yet to make any official announcement on the same. Also, it’s worth noting that if the South African GP falls apart, the Belgian GP will come in as a replacement for the 2024 season.

Lewis Hamilton Rejects Spanish GP’s Shift From Barcelona To Madrid

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton confident to take down Red Bull after P2 in Spain (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

Madrid has reportedly put in its bid to host the Spanish Grand Prix in the future. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya of Barcelona currently holds the hosting rights. Meanwhile, Mercedes ace Lewis Hamilton has rejected the proposal. He said Barcelona’s circuit is a classic track, and it should stay as the official track for Spanish GP.

Lewis Hamilton believes that the heritage of the racing sport should not be messed with. It is the foundation of the F1 to race on stable tracks where one enjoys racing. The Briton added that just like Silverstone and Budapest, Barcelona’s circuit is also a classic one. The track in Madrid is not suitable for long races. Hence, the Barcelona track should stay on the calendar.