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Exploring Possibility: Is There Any Chance Of The Lakers Signing Dwight Howard?

The Los Angeles Lakers look pretty balanced with the roster they’ve built in the offseason. Moreover, they have been keen on keeping the core together that helped them reach the Western Conference Final last season. That’s why the LA side could not change too much from what they got in the mid-season trade the last time. Moreover, the 17-time champions have built a roster filled with youth and, experience and players for every department. For a long time, the Lakers were looking for a center big who could play alongside Anthony Davis. Later, they signed Christian Wood.

Hence, the LA side looks well-balanced at present. However, there has been a recent rumor that the Lakers can fight the Golden State Warriors in a bid to acquire Dwight Howard. Moreover, Howard was part of the LA Lakers that won the championship in the 2019-20 season. But the rumor is questionable because of its source. Recently, an NBA Twitter (X) account called NBA Centel posted that Dwight Howard might return to the Lakers with a two-year deal. It broke the NBA’s Twitter lose.


Is Dwight Howard Moving To Lakers A Fake News?

Dwight Howard LeBron James Lakers
Dwight Howard LeBron James Lakers Source: Bleacher Report

However, the Twitter account NBA Centel is not a legitimate account despite having a blue tick. Even the creators of the account mentioned on their bio that this account is a parody and satire of the legitimate NBA Insider account, The Dunk Central. However, the legitimate insiders did not post or repost any legitimate publication indicating Howard would return to the Lakers. Hence, the rumor that NBA Centel spread is fake. Moreover, The Dunk Central generally just reiterates or shares any authentic publications from a legit source of the NBA. On the other hand, The Dunk Central shared a post of Shams Charania of The Athletic mentioning Dwight Howard can return to the NBA representing the Golden State Warriors.


Moreover, the Warriors can have a meeting as well as a workout with Howard next week. Steve Kerr’s side has been looking at some Laker’s scrap heap to get some options that can shore up their frontline. The Warriors need a big like Howard. Last season, Dwight Howard was playing in the Taiwan league. On the other hand, Howard might be eager to join Team USA in the next Olympics. Moreover, he posted on Instagram calling out LeBron James to not leave him out as LBJ is recruiting for the Paris Olympics Team USA roster. 

Is Gabe Vincent A Good Replacement For Dennis Schroder?

Gabe Vincent Lakers
Gabe Vincent Lakers Source: ReportingSports

But the Lakers did allow Dennis Schroder to move to the Toronto Raptors. Many experts and fans believe they might miss Schroder the next season. After all, Dennis Schroder went on to win the MVP at the last FIBA World Cup. He led the German Team to its first-ever World Cup victory.

Hence, the Raptors are lucky to have Schroder. But what about the Lakers? As Schroder’s replacement, the LA side has got Gabe Vincent, who came from the Miami Heat. Last season, the Heat reached the NBA Finals, eventually losing to the new champions Denver Nuggets. But Gabe Vincent played an essential role as a point guard. He can do the same for the LA Lakers next season.