Anthony Volpe Yankees
Anthony Volpe Yankees Source: Yardbarker

Anthony Volpe, the new shortstop of the New York Yankees, was pretty impressive last season. He was the center of attention in 2023. After all, in his rookie season, he was able to have a 20-20 season. Moreover, Volpe won a Gold Glove after his rookie season. He is the first Yankee to do it as a rookie. Last year was mostly terrible for the NY side. They could not make the postseason. Moreover, the Yankees had the worst season in the last 30 years. On top of that, they had tons of injury issues. Adding to that, the Bronx Bombers had the second-worst batting average in the league.

They were only better than the nine-time champions, the Oakland Athletics. Hence, last year was not a memorable one for the Yankees. However, the performances of the New York native Anthony Volpe were like a breath of fresh air. On top of that, the New York ace pitcher Gerrit Cole had his career-best season that helped him win his first AL Cy Young Award. However, Volpe, the rookie last year, disappointed the fans with his at-bat performance, sustaining tons of strikeouts. However, the team believes in him and hopes to see him improve a lot in his sophomore season. 


How Much Improvement Should Fans Expect From The New Yankees Shortstop?

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Clearly, in the 2024 season, Anthony Volpe was not the most anticipated name on the rotation for the season-opener. Last year, Volpe perhaps was in his rookie season. But this time, it is the Dominican superstar Juan Soto. Fans are eager to see the best hitter in baseball have some great games in the Yankee Stadium. However, Anthony Volpe started the 2024 season on a positive note. He changed his batting stance and has made some impact on the stunning start by the NY side this year. However, the season opener at home was not great because the Yankees lost 3-0 to the Toronto Blue Jays. But so far, among the hitters, Anthony Volpe has looked the best. Then, there are Oswaldo Cabrera and Juan Soto. Prior to the game against the Blue Jays on Friday, Aaron Boone told ESPN that Anthony Volpe looks more matured as a player.

But that does not surprise the Yankees manager because of Volpe’s aptitude, work ethic, talent, and ability. Generally, when a batter gets a strikeout, it is not notable for his manager in a good way. But against the Houston Astros, Volpe went against Josh Hader looking down on five throws on Opening Day in the ninth inning. He got two strikes, which were borderline at best. But Volpe did not chase anyway. Aaron Boone liked that approach of Volpe. Perhaps one year ago, the rookie Anthony Volpe would swing his bat off the plate. Hence, Boone likes the sophomore Volpe, who looks like a way better hitter. “Period.”

Anthony Volpe Said He’s Just Trying To Simplify A Lot Of Stuff

Anthony Volpe Yankees
Anthony Volpe Yankees Source: Forbes

The 22-year-old shortstop mentioned in an interview that he has been trying to simplify a lot of stuff. It really helps Volpe execute his plans in different ways. Moreover, Anthony Volpe mentioned that he is lucky that there are a lot of people who will help him with his approach. Hence, Volpe aims to put himself in a position to execute his approach.

That position must be really good. Also, Volpe feels it is okay to be picky. Moreover, as per ESPN, Volpe mentioned that he aims to be a hitter that fits in the lineup. That’s exactly what he always tries to do. Even the hitting coach, James Rowson, said Anthony Volpe always hits it hard even when he misses “The barrel” and kind of stays through the middle.

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