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Max Verstappen, the reigning champion of Formula One, has achieved impeccable success at a very young age. He joined Red Bull Racing at just 17 years of age and went on to win three championship titles in the next eight years. While the Dutchman’s ruthless racing style is loved by many, not everyone is pleased by his unwavering dominance.

As Max Verstappen went on to rule the world of Formula One with time, his critics and haters also found new life. Moreover, the recent shift in dynamics within the Red Bull organization has further put Verstappen in a bad light. Thus, with a significant increase in public resentment, the drink-based team was forced to take extreme steps for the upcoming Mexican Grand Prix.


Red Bull Hires Bodyguards For Max Verstappen At The Mexican Grand Prix!

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen in the paddock. Australia March 2023. Credit: Alamy

At the recently concluded United States Grand Prix, Max Verstappen received a hostile reception. During the podium ceremony, the crowd booed the Dutch driver with relentless “Checo…Checo” chants. Max, who recorded his 50th career win, seemed unfazed by the unusual reception. However, ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix, Verstappen has been receiving a lot of hate on social media platforms. Many even issued threats to the Dutchman, which promoted Red Bull to take an extreme step. Helmut Marko, the team’s senior office, confirmed hiring security for the reigning F1 champion. Max Verstappen will have two bodyguards guarding him throughout the Grand Prix.

Marko further stated that Max Verstappen was not initially on board with the idea. He didn’t take the threats seriously and wanted to stay unattended. However, Red Bull feels a sense of responsibility to ensure its security and thus wants to avoid any necessary risks. Even the Mexican Grand Prix organizers have requested the fans to treat the drink-based team with respect. Sergio Perez, the homeboy, also issued a statement and asked fans to support his entire team and not just him. The situation is still evolving and is getting murkier day by day. It’s important for the fans to stay respectful of the drivers. At the end of the day, Max Verstappen’s contributions will benefit the sport of Formula One in the long term.

Max Verstappen Reacts On Security Concerns Ahead Of Mexican GP!

Max Verstappen
Red Bull’s Max Verstappen speaks to media during testing. (Reuters)

Ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix, Max Verstappen dismissed any safety concerns. However, he feels having bodyguards provided by Red Bull will help to smoothly conduct the proceedings of the weekend. The Dutchman said that during many weekends, the atmosphere is very busy. Thus, having bodyguards will help him get through the general flow of the weekend.

Speaking on security, Max Verstappen claimed that he feels safe. “I mean, yesterday, I had a whole, you know, marketing day, and it’s been honestly a great reception here like I’ve always had. So yeah, it’s been good to be back,” said Verstappen. Having said that, the Mexican GP will be extremely crucial for Red Bull and Checo. The latter will be under pressure to stand out in front of home fans amid an underwhelming season.