Juan Soto Yankees
Juan Soto Yankees Source: Hudson Reporter

The New York Yankees need reinforcements to their roster. After all, they had a terrible season this year. What can be worse than not making the postseason for a team that has won the World Series 27 times? However, they have not managed to reach the World Series again since 2009. Anyway, the team is going through an extra month of offseason. They are planning to make serious changes in the roster, coaching staff, and other personnel. Moreover, the NY side has a pretty good roster. But the problem is they don’t have multiple elite superstar hitters. The only star they have is the captain, Aaron Judge.

But any team that wants to win the World Series or at least make it really far in the playoffs has multiple superstars on their roster. Hence, in this scenario, one player who fits really well in the Yankees roster is Juan Soto, who currently plays for the San Diego Padres. But the recent rumors suggest the Padres are looking to trade Soto, and it might interest the Yankees. It would be a blockbuster prospect if the Yankees want to trade for Juan Soto. However, the trade might be very expensive. Moreover, there are a few reasons why the Yankees might not take the risk of acquiring Soto. 


Juan Soto Might Be A One-Year Rental

Juan Soto
Juan Soto Source: Deadspin

Anyway, Juan Soto is in line to sign a record-breaking deal. Previously, Soto had turned down an extension from the Washington Nationals worth $440 million. If he doesn’t care for such financial security, why would he agree with the Yankees for anything similar? In terms of the calibre of Juan Soto, the Yankees should offer him a deal of something north of $500 million when he is just a year away from free agency. 

Yankees Might Have To Give Up On Too Many Assets In The Process Of Signing Soto

Juan Soto
Juan Soto Source: NBC Sports

To begin with the negotiations, the Padres might ask for Drew Thorpe and Spencer Jones. Moreover, they might also demand Jasson Dominguez, Anthony Volpe, and even Oswald Peraza. If the Yankees give these players up, it will create big holes in the team’s center field, shortstop, and someone like Peraza as a third baseman. Hence, it might not be the right time for Brian Cashman to sign Juan Soto. Perhaps a year later, when Soto will be a free agent.

The Asking Price For Soto May Be Just Too High

Juan Soto
Juan Soto Source: Sportsnet

Albeit, Juan Soto will be a one-year rental, there is no doubt that he’s among the best athletes in all of baseball. Anyway, both the Yankees and the Padres, at this point, have some leverage they would like to hold on to. If the Padres don’t want to re-sign Soto and get something in return, then they don’t have to accept any deal that would create more pressure. Similarly, for the Yankees, it is just a too-high asking price. However, even if they have leverage, they can wait till Soto gets to free agency and then try to sign him. Hence, Soto might have a future with the Yankees, but probably not in 2024.