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In the high-speed world of Formula 1, where winning is everything, Max Verstappen is setting records and dominating the 2023 season. One driver, Lando Norris of McLaren, is challenging his dominance, but Norris faces a persistent problem: his performance in qualifying. In this article, we will discuss recent events in Formula 1, including Ralf Schumacher’s criticism of Norris’s qualifying issues and the emerging competition between Verstappen and Norris.

Ralf Schumacher Criticizes Lando Norris’ Qualifying Performance

Max Verstappen showcased his superiority by winning his 17th race of the season at the Brazilian Grand Prix. At the Interlagos circuit, only one driver could challenge him: Lando Norris, driving for McLaren. Norris achieved impressive second-place finishes in both the sprint race and the main race, establishing himself as Verstappen’s top competitor. While Norris achieved pole position for the sprint race in Brazil, he struggled in Friday’s qualifying. He could only manage a seventh-place finish, and later moved up to sixth due to a penalty for George Russell. This is not an isolated problem for Norris. He has admitted to struggling with his one-lap performance, referring to it as his “kryptonite.” Ralf Schumacher, a six-time F1 race winner, shares Norris’s self-assessment. He also draws a comparison between Norris and Charles Leclerc of Ferrari, who have encountered similar challenges in qualifying.

Lando Norris
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Schumacher said, “Lando Norris has become the number one challenger of Max Verstappen, but he still makes too many mistakes, especially in qualifying. Norris reminds me a bit of Charles Leclerc. However, Norris is doing a great job in the race. Norris’s problem is that he pushes too hard in qualifying and makes too many mistakes.” Lando Norris’s second-place finish at the Brazilian Grand Prix marked his 13th podium finish in Formula 1. However, he has yet to secure his first race victory. This achievement tied him with Nick Heidfeld’s record for the most podium finishes without a race victory. With only two races left in the 2023 season, Norris is determined to secure his first F1 victory. McLaren is one of the most improved teams on the grid. They are also aiming to return to their past championship-winning form in F1 2024.

How Max Verstappen Can See The Face of Defeat?

Max Verstappen won his 17th race of the season in Brazil. Lando Norris also delivered a strong performance, finishing second behind the Red Bull driver in both the sprint race and the main race. Norris displayed his strategic skills as he tried to catch up with Verstappen during the Sao Paulo GP. Despite starting from seventh place, Norris made a fantastic start and moved up to second place within the first corner. In the initial laps, he managed to stay close to Verstappen. However, he fell slightly short towards the end of each stint. Norris explained that he struggled with managing his tires, saying, “I don’t know if that’s because we’re a bit slower, and I’m pushing harder to keep up, or if we’re just not as good at conserving tire performance.”

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The McLaren driver also highlighted that the team faced challenges in specific corners. Notably, turns 10 and 12 were particularly problematic, where Red Bull consistently pulled away. Norris’s only real chance to challenge Verstappen came on the straight leading to turn 4. Despite failing to pass the Dutchman, Norris expressed his satisfaction with McLaren’s progress throughout the season. Since introducing upgrades in Austria, Norris has been the second-highest point scorer, trailing only Verstappen. He emphasized the remarkable improvement McLaren has achieved, going from four seventeenth-place finishes in the first seven race weekends to achieving four second-place finishes in the last six races. Norris remains hopeful about his chances of competing with Verstappen for race wins in 2024.

Verstappen’s Surprise At McLaren’s Comeback!

The Brazilian GP confirmed McLaren’s challenge to Red Bull’s supremacy. The MCL60 consistently displayed race-winning speed since the Dutch GP upgrades, and Lando Norris played a significant role in this resurgence. Verstappen faced a strong challenge from Norris throughout the race, and he acknowledged that Norris’s pace was a real threat. Verstappen revealed, “Maybe it looks easy from the outside, but for most of every stint, Lando was matching my lap times.” While both drivers managed their tires effectively, Verstappen admitted that the RB19 had an advantage in tire management.

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F1/Max Verstappen

The Dutch driver emphasized how demanding it is to race at Interlagos, where you cannot relax and must pay close attention to preserving your tires. Despite winning the race, he recognized the growing competition posed by McLaren and Lando Norris. Lando Norris is close to challenging Max Verstappen’s supremacy in Formula 1, but his difficulties in qualifying are holding him back. With the 2023 season nearing its conclusion and F1 2024 on the horizon, the racing world is eagerly awaiting the unfolding rivalry between Red Bull and McLaren. As Verstappen continues his remarkable run, the battle with Norris promises to be one of the most exciting stories in Formula 1.