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The New York Yankees began the 2024 season on a high with their best start to the season in the past four decades of history. While the team may have fallen off the bandwagon in these past couple of weeks, they are still headstrong to finish inside the postseason this year.

That being said, the New York Yankees’ biggest strength in the season was presumed to be Aaron Judge and Juan Soto. However, while Soto has been consistent on the plate, Judge’s struggles on the plate have seen no bounds. That being said, in a recent poll comparing Judge and Soto’s impact, the results were staggering and unreasonable per se.


Juan Soto Is More Important For Yankees Than Aaron Judge In 2024


In the context of the New York Yankees’ 2024 season, several MLB executives were asked to determine the importance of Juan Soto versus Aaron Judge. While Judge is the captain of the team, Soto is with the team just for the ongoing season as an impending free agent. While eight votes fell for Judge, only six votes accounted for Soto. However, this might come as an unpopular opinion. Juan Soto has been more important and impactful for the Yanks this season, and he will be for the rest of the year. There’s no denying to the face that Judge is the future of the franchise. He is the captain with eight years left on his groundbreaking $360 million contract.

However, as far as the 2024 season is concerned, things haven’t clicked for Aaron Judge. In 97 at-bats, he’s hitting .186 with four home runs and 13 RBIs. Not only that, Judge’s strikeout rate is the second highest in the American League. On the contrary, Juan Soto is hitting .316 with six home runs and 22 RBIs in 98 at-bats. Soto is a 25-year-old generational talent with loads of potential. While the left-hander is expected to hit free agency in 2025, the Yankees are only interested in optimizing the ongoing season. In terms of long-term implications, Aaron Judge is undoubtedly of significant value to the Yankees. However, Soto brings unique skills and qualities to the table, which is essential to ensure a successful season for the Bronx Bombers. While a lot of season is still left for Judge to cover, Juan Soto will undoubtedly be the impact player in pinstripes this year.

Aaron Judge-Juan Soto Homers Vs Athletics

Sports Illustrated

On Tuesday, while facing the Oakland Athletics, the New York Yankees’ formidable hitting duo, Aaron Judge and Juan Soto, homered twice in a single game for the first time in the season. While Judge put the first runs on board for the Yanks with a two-run moonshot in the first innings, Soto contributed in the sixth inning to extend the lead.

The Yankee fans got to witness Aaron Judge and Juan Soto in their best form for the first time this year and surely, the supporters loved the visuals as much as team manager Aaron Boone. While Yanks ended up splitting the series, the soothing sight of Judge and Soto will surely be a memorable memory for the fans.

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