Klay Thompson Warriors
Klay Thompson Warriors Source: Basketball Network

Klay Thompson has been a four-time NBA champion. He helped the Golden State Warriors form the modern-day dynasty in the league. Moreover, the Warriors won the NBA title four times in the last nine years. At present, they are 6-7 in the 2023-24 season. Steph Curry is not playing because of injury issues. Draymond Green is out due to suspension.

Hence, the Warriors are relying on Klay Thompson at present. But they have lost the last five games, and they blame Thompson’s slow start for the losses. It has been a challenging season for Klay Thompson. Hence, there are some trade speculations regarding the Warriors star. Any team would love to sign a player like him with sharpshooting abilities. 


Which Are The Potential Destinations Klay Thompson Can Move To?

Klay Thompson Warriors
Klay Thompson Warriors Source: NBA.com

So far this season, Klay Thompson has been averaging 13.8 points, along with 3.4 rebounds and 1.9 assists. But his offensive performance has not lived up to the expectations. Hence, the Warriors might trade him with a heavy heart. As per Times Of India, Klay Thompson can move to the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks, or the Philadelphia 76ers. Moreover, the Heat can benefit from acquiring Thompson as they missed out on Damian Lillard this offseason. Klay can really enhance the Heat’s competitiveness in the Eastern Conference. On the other hand, the Warriors might like the idea of trading for Zach LaVine. Moreover, the Bulls made him available. LaVine’s scoring abilities can help the Warriors have an extra advantage over their rivals, the LA Lakers.

But the Knicks can benefit from the shooting prowess and valuable experience of Klay Thompson in gaining an edge in the Eastern Conference. He’ll surely help the Knicks enhance their performance, as he has an impeccable track record. But the elite shooting skills of Thompson can bring a valuable dynamic to the backcourt of the Atlanta Hawks. After all, the Hawks have lost the firepower in their offense with Kevin Heurter’s departure. Thompson would surely bolster their scoring options. On the other hand, the 76ers might jump on the opportunity to sign Klay Thompson as well. The 76ers might consider the expiring contract of Tobias Harris. In hindsight, Thompson would strengthen any team’s lineups in the league.

Klay Has Been An Integral Part Of The Warriors Dynasty

Klay Thompson Warriors Stephen Curry Draymond Green
Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry & Draymond Green Warriors Source: Heavy.com

From 2015 to 2018, the team from San Francisco won the championship three times. Later, they won in 2022 as well. But once they started winning in 2015, they have been dominating the league ever since. However, the credit goes to the coach, Steve Kerr, as well as the superstar on the roster, Stephen Curry. But the King of three-pointers could not have done it alone. Stars like Draymond Green and Klay Thompson have been an integral part of the franchise. Moreover, Steph Curry said that he wishes to see the same core together for a few more seasons.

He said that even after the Warriors lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in Round 2 of the last season’s playoffs. But the Warriors really wanted to win their fifth title last season as they were the defending champions. However, that loss to the Lakers was very humiliating for the Warriors. Hence, they wanted to get on a roll as soon as the new season started. However, the 2023-24 season has not started as well as the Warriors would have liked.